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Who is Mathew Robinson?

Mathew Robinson is well-known for his expertise in computer hardware and as an avid gamer who keeps up with industry trends. Matthew, a California native who grew up with video games, has been obsessed with them since he was a kid.

In later years, Mathew’s enthusiasm for video games shifted to include a keen curiosity for the technology behind them. He put in endless hours fine-tuning computer parts and constructing high-powered gaming computers from scratch.

In order to better understand how to develop and optimise computer hardware, he decided to get a degree in computer science and engineering from Stanford University.


Soon after finishing college, Mathew found work with several of the industry’s most prestigious gaming hardware manufacturers, including NVIDIA and Intel. Real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics are just two examples of the ground-breaking gaming innovations he helped pioneer during his stay.

Mathew is in high demand as a speaker and consultant in the gaming business thanks to his knowledge of computer technology. He is a regular fixture on the conference circuit, where he shares his insights with colleagues and offers guidance to gamers on the path to constructing their ideal gaming rigs.

Mathew enjoys spending his leisure time checking out new technology in his home lab or playing the newest video games.

Mathew Robinson is a gaming hardware savant and an inspiration to the gaming community as a whole thanks to his extensive experience in the pitch.

Why Mathew started GamingZaming.com?

As there wasn’t a one-stop shop for information on gaming Computers and accessories, Mathew Robinson created GAMING ZAMING on 20th April, 2022.

Since he is both a gamer and an expert in computer hardware, he understood the difficulty that many players and PC builders face when trying to get dependable information about cutting-edge gaming technology and goods.

He decided to start a website so that he could advise others on the best ways to construct or improve their gaming computers.

Mathew, on his blog, discusses in depth the inner workings of gaming PCs and the various parts that make them tick, such as motherboards, central processing units, graphics cards, and more. He also discusses a variety of gaming accessories that can be used in conjunction with a computer, such as displays, keyboards, mice, and headphones.

Mathew hopes to make building or upgrading a gaming PC as simple and straightforward for everyone by sharing his knowledge and expertise. His ultimate objective is to assist other gamers and PC builders in optimising their systems for maximum performance and enjoyment.

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