ATX vs SFX Power Supply The Major Difference

The role and importance of the power supply unit can not be neglected. It plays a significant role and converts the electric current for better computer use. When choosing the power supply unit for your personal need, you should be very attentive in the term of selecting it.

Two types and forms of the power supply unit are available, including; ATX and SFX. Both are highly popular, and they meet the needs of PC systems. But what is the significant difference between both of them? Read more about; How to check power supply wattage without opening a PC?

In terms of activities, both perform well, but the training and working of both is not that much specified for the early beginners. They do not have any idea what is the significant difference between ATX vs SFX.

Moreover, what is the standard option for your choice? Here we are providing a comprehensive piece of writing about PC power supply vs SFX so that you can get a basic idea about their differences. Read more about; How Long Do Power Supplies Last?

Let’s explore all the factors in detail in the section provided next;

PC Power Supply ATX vs SFX

ATX stands for the advanced technology extended, whereas the SFX is a similar working factor to the ATX.

ATX is known to be the first formulated power supply. The intel and designs it’s been serving the audience since around 1995. It does not have a simplified design and contains a bit updated structure.

 So one must have the appropriate working knowledge before choosing the ATX option. Regarding the design, the ATX contains 3-different types of connectors. This includes; 

  • 4-pin Molex
  • 3-pin Floppy
  • 20-pin ATX

But the new design for the ATX comes with the advancement. In terms of connectors, it is now lined up with cable connections. For instance, the CPU connection contains EPS. Moreover, the GPU connection holds the PCIe. In addition to all this, the advanced structure of ATX is highly worthy. It includes comprehensive improvements in capacitors, rails, and other related components.

Above all, the ATX is 86 mm high and 140 mm deep when it comes to the size range. Moreover, it includes a width of around 150 mm. in terms of power, and you can considerably get the energy out of it around 2000-W.


The second option is available for SFX. When we are concerned about ATX vs SFX form factor, we must also be clear about ten featural aspects of the SFX. In terms of the size horizon, it is smaller in size than the ATX. It includes a width of around 125 mm along with a height of 63.5 mm. 

Most people ask about its depth factor, which is around 100 mm in depth. The size falls a little higher than the ATX, but the power supply condition is more likely to be similar to that of ATXs. There is no significant difference in terms of the comparison of both. 

SFX usually supports the short-range perspective. In case you need some high-edge results, not I better use the ATX. T is the most common use for the extended processing processor component and gaming needs.

In addition, the SFX falls small in terms of size so the price range for it might be low. If you want a budget-friendly option along with all the features to a certain extent, SFX would be a ready-to-go option for you. 

Advantages of ATX

Regarding the ATX vs SFX form factor,  the market contains much variety of ATX rather than SFX. You will see more options in the power levels, size, and featural perspective of ATX; thus, it will provide more exceptional working performance.

Moreover, ATX is lined with more advanced components. It contains active and passive resources. It will be helpful for the power supply unit to support its activity without any factor or issue of overheating.

You can actively use the ATX for an even more extended period without any issue due to these resources. In addition, noise generation is not an issue of ATX. It can easily be summed up with the help of large fans. These fans are aided with lubricants to work smoothly for efficiency and acceptable performance.

It is exceptionally durable and supports a longer life than usual. Moreover, I have more space to work as it is more significant in size. Indeed, it favors more productive working.

Advantages of SFX

SFX is not adopted in comparison to ATX. As depicted above, SFX is often the smaller version of ATX, so its power capabilities are more likely to be similar to ATX.

It is compatible to work with almost all PC systems. It is because they contain a compact design and structure. Moreover, it is lined with a minor-ITX system. This ITX system supports the power resources and tends to bring noticeable performance.

It is effortless to launch. You will not have to hustle for the SFX alignment. It is designed per the computer frame so that you might seek advantages from it in terms of feasibility and reliability. 

Moreover, as the SFX systems are smaller, they can be quickly launched into the ATX system. You can make an active connection between both of them.

The ATX system consists of a large space option in its case. This is an appropriate activity to deal with the rattling issues with. For this activity, open the PSU case and align it inside it.

For making the precise connection, you have to make sure one thing is that it would be free from all sorts of instability. Furthermore, use an adapter and extension cable for the previous connection. You must have looked over the whole system in an acey accurate way to avoid all the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SFX the same as ATX?

There appears a serious power similar to the SFX and ATX, whereas when it comes to the size, proportions, dome soon, and most of the pre-factor . There appears to be a severe difference in both options available.

Is SFX the same as micro ATX?

Yes! To a certain extent, the SFX and micro ATX have the same powerful features. But the SFX is a reduced size option available for the power supply unit with the same base factor as that of the ATX.

What does SFX stand for PSU?

SFX stands for the small base factor for the power case unit. It powers up your needs and supports the motherboard and desktop to the same degree level.

Can an ATX PSU fit in SFX?

Indeed, the ATX power supply unit can’t get fitted into the SFX. Because the SFX stacks with the minor power case. However, the SFX can be fixed into the ATX PSU option. For this, you need an adapter for making a connection along with other possible extension or cable elements.

The Final Statement

The right choice of power supply will be very significant in seeking the best performance out of your PC. If you face any connectivity issues, it’s better to go through the PSU connection to make sure that you are utilizing an appropriate and highly worthy option for supporting your daily needs.

To provide concise information about the PSU system, we have depicted the most prevalent type of power supply unit. We try to present the several difference for ATX vs SFX.

Thus we hope that after having a precise overview of it, you might be able to pick the right choice per your working needs and preference!