Best External Hard Drive For Gaming In 2023

Do you want to play many games but also have trouble keeping them organized? For gaming, you’ll need to get an HDD that offers you the necessary quantity of capacity. The best gaming hard drive gives you extra RAM to save your files or games. Explore the best external drive here to get more portable gaming storage.

Thomas David – An African analyst, says gamers must try to invest in external drives. It decreases game lag, enhancing your computer’s or gaming console’s efficiency. It’s always going to take a lot of time to choose the best external Hard Drive for Gaming from among the hundreds of models accessible. We’ve arranged for it to be quicker for you. You can find the perfect match by just scrolling down below.

Choose The Best External Hard Drive For Gaming

To expand your capacity or back up your PC, purchase a selection of the best external hard drives. To assist you in choosing the best gaming hard drive, below is a list of external hard drives: Read more about; is an SSD worth it for gaming?

Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB
Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB (Image credit: Amazon)

Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB

Best selling External Hard Drive for Gaming


Brand: Toshiba | Capacity: 2 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 | Compatible Devices: Mac, PC


Simplicity in data storage

Using the Canvio Basics, you may gather and store

Fast transmission rates and portability


Portability issues

The matte, smudge-resistant coating on Toshiba Canvio Basics’ sleek profile design makes it easy to clean. Maintaining your files is now simpler and more practical than ever, thanks to Canvio Basics. Additionally, it does not require an external AC power adapter and therefore is USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 compatible. Read more about SSD storage for Ryzen 9 5950x in 2022.

Excellent was Toshiba Canvio Basics. After pursuing a master’s degree plus halfway through a postgraduate program, my Mac got fed up with me since I always kept the whole of my files. I’ve had a Mac since 2018 & have been utilizing it for business and school. So I PURCHASED THIS. I used this to back up my computer, after which I cleaned the hard disc. Even though I didn’t buy a new Mac, I feel like I do.

It’s my second external disk drive; however, when I contrast it to a 1TB ADATA, Toshiba’s transmission speed is faster. Increase the storage space on your PC as well as other compatible devices rapidly. The device does not require downloading software, making it easy to use. Installation is not required; ready for usage with your PC. Drag and drop files from and onto your PC or laptop effortlessly.

Based on the user’s hardware setup and OS, compatibility may change. Enjoy a modern look in a small package with up to 4TB(1) of capacity. This Best selling External Hard Drive for Gaming is excellent for price. Reformatting is necessary for Mac OS v10.12, OS X v10.11, and v10.1. From a reputed brand at box stores, it is significantly high in the majority.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I purchased this since SSDs are currently far too pricey. With the help of an AmazonBasics carrying case, I can tote this around whenever I really need it. It works brilliantly. There haven’t been any problems thus far, and the write speed seems reasonable. For me, this was the ideal location for storing videos.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox (Image credit: Amazon)

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

Best 2TB External Hard Drive for Gaming


Brand: Seagate | Capacity: 2 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.0 | Compatible Devices: Gaming console


An innovative and elegant Xbox design

Very peaceful, with lots of room for games

Switch that one on an integrated green LED bar


No warranty included

The sleek design of the Seagate Game Drive offers storage capacities of up to 4TB, and matches your Xbox Series X, or any Xbox One generation. Additionally, an integrated LED bar that is Xbox green brightens your game area. Establish your gaming vault with 2TB of storage space and avoid losing games.

XBOX-CERTIFIED Has Xbox green lighting compatible with Xbox Series and brightens your game area. I connected it to my Xbox Series X & set up the storage as well as gaming settings. I was questioned if I truly wanted to put the game on HDD the first time I downloaded a new game because doing so would slow down the gameplay. I now employ it to save screen captures and stream video.

I previously used it using my MacBook Air, however, I transferred the SSD to my Windows 10 laptop. It is because the Apple OS only allowed me to preview my gaming images. No issues at all right now. I have 116GB of photos transferred, and there is still capacity for more. Significantly, it is faster than my previous external hard drive. I’m incredibly delighted I switched to SSD.

Under the storage section in my settings, you may switch among storage locations and select where you would like your Xbox to download. Owing to its compact, portable design, you may bring all your activities to a friend’s house. This Best 2TB External Hard Drive for Gaming is quiet, and formatting it was a breeze.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

This external hard drive is suitable for you if you enjoy playing video games regularly or occasionally like me. You may automatically download games on something right away after setting it up. And then, when you plug it in, it immediately establishes a connection with your Xbox. The front green light, which is even better, improves your gaming setting. Would advise you to buy it!

SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD (Image credit: Amazon)


Best External Hard Drive for Xbox Gaming


Brand: SAMSUNG | Capacity: 2 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.1 | Compatible Devices: Desktop, Television, Laptop


Shock-proof portable SSD.

Metal construction from top to bottom that is palm-sized.

USB type C to C & USB type C to A adapters are included.


Not so long-lasting for huge data

The SAMSUNG T5 SSD has extremely quick read-write rates of up to 540 MB/s. Additionally, it has AES 256-bit hardware security & configurable password protection. The USB type C to C & USB type C to A cables are actually included. The most recent T5 is small enough to fit in your bag or pocket and comes in a variety of colours to match your personal style.

With its beautiful hues, streamlined design, and tastefully curved sides, the T5 adds more elegance to computing. Correspondingly, performance may change based on the host setup. Additionally, it must support USB 3.1 Gen 2 and should have the UASP mode turned on. The T5 offers up to 540 MB/s of transfer speed. Experience the freedom of ample storage and quick transfers to computers, phones, gaming systems, as well as other devices.

Less substantial than the typical business card, weighing only 1.80oz, & measuring just 0.41″ thick. The T5 can withstand falls of up to 2 metres due to its lack of moving parts and durable metal body. My 2013 iMac was old and nearly unusable. This Best External Hard Drive for Xbox Gaming had a terrible mechanical drive and was transformed into what I think would be the fastest computer in the entire world thanks to this drive.

This external hard disc is excellent. So, it is a simple setup and no moving parts to break. The PC data transfer is incredibly quick & trustworthy. Besides, being up to 4.9x faster than external HDDs. In fact, it gives you a lot of comfort in knowing that you can’t take crucial data. Moreover, it’s simple and quick to move your data between PCs.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

Thus far this year, I have enjoyed it. It carries out my needs. Whenever I’m not using it, I take care to disconnect it. I experienced a similar Sandisk issue and data loss. I wasn’t constantly unplugging the Sandisk. I’ve become very cautious, and Samsung has performed superbly as a result. I heartily endorse this external hard drive.

SP Silicon Power 2TB
SP Silicon Power 2TB (Image credit: Amazon)

SP Silicon Power 2TB

Best premium External Hard Drive for Gaming


Brand: SP Silicon Power | Capacity: 2 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.0 | Compatible Devices: Gaming console, desktop


Military-grade protection against shock & IPX4 water resistance.

Convenient cable storage with a cable-carrying design.

Slip- and scratch-resistant casing.

Handle version 4.50 & higher of the PS4 system software.


Very slow transferring rate

With the Armor A60, you can quickly make room on your console’s internal drive for Xbox and PS4 games. In fact, this Best premium External Hard Drive for Gaming ensures tight protection against smashes, dust, and water spray. Thus, it enables a faultless buffer effect. Ultra-durable rubber casing, as well as an internal suspension system, are features of Armour A60.

Simply insert the A60 into a USB port on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and you’ll be able to complete the setup process quickly. Revolutionary slot architecture allows for easy cable storage and hauling. Fast file transfers of huge amounts of data are made possible by the USB 3.0 interface.

It has been among my favourite externals for at least 4 years since I’ve been using mine. I haven’t examined its resistance to shock or water, and I don’t usually. I really like the way these drives are constructed, and they’re quick and dependable enough to be used for me. I enjoy the design, feel, and colour of these, but they’re incredibly simple to use. They’re fantastic in my opinion.

A 3-year warranty covering all servicing & technical support is offered with the Armor A60. This external portable drive is quite excellent. I have dropped it a number of times, and thus far, there have been no issues. It uses a unique surface roughness that can provide more than just anti-slip functionality. Additionally, it protects the disc from scratches & fingerprint-related damage.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

After purchasing another of these drives, I would have to purchase a replacement after the first one fell. Despite taping up for years after the cover broke, the drive still seems functional. This is an excellent design & simplicity of use. The ideal expandable storage solution I required for my long-distance move! My available-for-download games all remain intact & functional.

WD 4TB Gaming Drive works
WD 4TB Gaming Drive works (Image credit: Amazon)

WD 4TB Gaming Drive works

Best Budget External Hard Drive for Gaming


Brand: Western Digital | Capacity: 4 TB | Interface: USB, USB 1.1 | Compatible Devices: Personal, Gaming


Increase your PS4 gaming options

Play anywhere with a quick and simple setup

Sleek style and large capacity


Further corruption issue occur

With capacities up to 4TB, the WD Gaming Drive has enough space for all of your favourite PS4 games, DLC, including patches. You may plug inside the drive as well as start playing right away with a simple setup. While small size and blue accents help it blend in with your PlayStation 4 without standing out.

For my PS5, I purchased this drive to increase storage. The device is compact and incredibly concealable for those concerned about appearance. It has a tonne of storage, playing games, & functions right away after being plugged in. Nothing is simpler than it already is. Then all you have to do is transfer the games there. In my opinion, WD consistently produces reliable products. Thus it’s a wonderful portable HD for the cost.

Since it is a USB 3.0 drive, only speeds between 5400 & 7200 rpm are useful. I can confirm that it is quick enough even to play Xbox One games without experiencing any lag. Never again will games be deleted to allow new ones to be added. I probably should have purchased this Best budget External Hard Drive for Gaming years ago.

With the PS5, the hard drive functions perfectly and quickly transfers data. When I connected it to my PS4, I was informed it wasn’t compatible and that the connection needed to be USB 3.0 only, which made me feel ripped off. The PS4 includes two distinct types of USB ports, it turns out. However, this fantastic product pairs incredibly well enough with your PS5.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

It instantly synchronised with the console. But folder movement caused it to crash. I, therefore, paid a bit greater amount for this one. The transfer went through without crashing or displaying faulty data messages, and the rate and time were substantially faster. I’m delighted I chose this option rather than the one that appeared to be the better value. Choose this one!

Avolusion HDDGear Pro X
Avolusion HDDGear Pro X (Image credit: Amazon)

Avolusion HDDGear Pro X

Best Gaming External Hard Drive for PS5


Brand: Avolusion | Capacity: 4 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.0 | Compatible Devices: Gaming Console


External advanced interface technology

High-quality structure

Reliable performance over time

Warranty from Reseller for two years


Pretty crash over less use

An internal 4TB external gaming hard drive is a feature of the Avolusion HDDGear Pro X. Additionally, it works with the PlayStation 4 Original, Pro, and Slim. In fact, this Best Gaming External Hard Drive for PS5 gives your gaming console more storage without opening the case. PS4 File System Pre-Formatted, Immediately Increases Storage on Game Console!

The cheapest hard drive upgrading kit that offers the finest performance is the Avolusion Pro X Hard Drive. Broadly speaking, it is 34% speedier than that of the 5400RPM HDD. Additionally, it offers a simple way to immediately increase your gaming console’s storage space immediately! The external gaming hard drive has a quiet fan-less construction to maintain it running quietly.

Additionally, it has a sturdy chassis and cutting-edge industrial style, guaranteeing you years of dependable performance. Your gameplay data, music, pictures, videos, and more can all be stored and backed up via the USB 3.0 interface! It is designed to stand vertically or horizontally. Fanless design for quiet operation of any external gaming hard drive!

It will shortly be used with my brand-new PS4 Pro. 7200RPM HDD is used in the Avolusion Pro X Series. It might have been extremely; really good if the storage facility had an 8TB storage capacity. This will make more room available on the onboard SSD storage of the PS5 console! I’m still generally satisfied with this purchase!

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I’m not sure why there are so many nasty remarks. The storage space on my PS4 Slim is useless. When I received it today, I was astounded at how quickly I could transfer three games. Despite my lack of technical knowledge, this was an excellent purchase. The storage space is enormous, and it fits beautifully with the PS4 and TV arrangement. I’ll have no trouble installing all of my games there.

Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6TB
Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6TB (Image credit: Amazon)

Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6TB

Best 6TB External Hard Drive for Gaming


Brand: Avolusion | Capacity: 6 TB | Interface: USB | Compatible Devices: Gaming Console


Instantly increase the PS4’s hard drive capacity!

External interface innovation that is advanced.

High-quality building and dependable performance.


Excellent hard disc, but it gets quite warm

Your portable gaming hard drive will run thanks to the Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6 TB’s silent fan-less design! A hard drive with such a 6TB capacity would be built in and compatible with the PS4 Slim, PlayStation 4, and PS4 Slim Pro. Thus, this Best 6TB External Hard Drive for Gaming is so stunning at.

The best and easiest way to immediately increase the storage capacity of your Playstation gaming console is with the Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6TB External Playing games Hard Drive! Your gaming data, music, pictures, videos, and other files can all be stored on a portable device with a Plug-and-Play USB 3.0 interface. The Avolusion PRO-Series Portable Professional Hard Drive was created to sync with any PS5 gaming system perfectly!

The external gaming hard drive has a silent fan-less design that maintains it running quietly. Your computer will perform reliably for years to come. I adore this item. However, the blue light might occasionally be a pain. Nothing that quick tape and a little turning around can’t fix. All-around five stars. I’m delighted with my buy.

Big but excellent value for something like a 6T drive. Installation was simple and has already been done. Purchased for my boys; installation was simple, and they were up and going in about 5 minutes. It seems like a nice upgrade to give your Xbox more storage and an excellent hard disc, but it gets quite warm.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I lost power, but everything was great! I was concerned because it was only producing a little noise, but everything turned out OK! It’s a fantastic high capacity, somewhat quick storage drive that I’ve been using with a PC. I purchased this since my PS4 was at capacity. It undoubtedly came in useful. No problems yet. As a result, given the price, this Product exceeds my expectations.

Avolusion Mini Pro-5X
Avolusion Mini Pro-5X (Image credit: Amazon)

Avolusion Mini Pro-5X

Best External Hard Drive for Gaming PS4


Brand: Avolusion | Capacity: 2 TB | Interface: USB, USB 3.0 | Compatible Devices: Gaming Console


Internal Storage External Gaming Hard Drive

Simple setup without having to access the game console

A Stylish Design Powered by USB Bus

During data access operations, a blue LED glow


Slow data transfer

The Avolusion Mini Pro-5X aims to provide a top-notch design in a robust, fashionable case with slim detailing. It also makes the Avolusion Mini Pro-5X Slim USB 3.0 Portable Multiplayer PS4 Hard Drive an excellent storage option for your hand. It is completely compatible with the PS4 gaming system. You may rapidly increase your gaming console’s storage space by connecting them to the USB 3.0 connection on my PlayStation 4!

The Avolusion Z1-S-WH Gaming HDD aims to provide a top-notch design in robust, fashionable housing with thin trimming. You may rapidly increase your gaming console’s storage capacity. It is done by connecting them to the USB 3.0 port on your PlayStation 5! With the PS5 Game Console, it is entirely compatible.

My PS4 was immediately set up and operating well after being plugged in; I didn’t need to do anything else. You can conserve space on your Playstation 5 console storage for PS5 video games by playing PS4 games directly through USB extended storage. In light of this, the Avolusion Z1-S-WH Compact USB 3.0 External Sports PS5 Hdd is a wonderful storage option for your hand. 

Hot interchangeable plug-and-play functionality is fundamental to this storage device’s ease. You can connect these to a desktop computer, laptop, PlayStation / XBOX game console, or Windows or Mac computer. Instantly increase the capacity of your device with a USB 3.0 port! It works flawlessly with a PC, Mac, Playstation, or Xbox gaming system. Extremely quick performance with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Transfer Rate up to 5.0 Gbps!

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

This Best External Hard Drive for Gaming PS4 was ideal because my son wanted additional capacity on his PS4. He is overjoyed and sets everything up himself! This performs as promised. It does its job; however, even when I followed their removal recommendations, the painting on the door was removed. To avoid losing my damage deposit, I’ll need to repaint. A lot of storage, & good value. Additionally, it can plug your PS4 in, & presto—more storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top three best gaming external drives?

Here are the three Best External Hard Drive for Gaming as follows:
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox – the Best 2TB External Hard Drive for Gaming
SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD – the Best External Hard Drive for Xbox Gaming
Avolusion HDDGear Pro 6TB – the Best 6TB External Hard Drive for Gaming

Can external hard drives be used for gaming?

Using external hard drives, you can put your games on your drive with more storage space. It’s ideal for people who want to prevent filling up their tiny SSD because they are installing their operating system on a lower-capacity SSD. Accessibility is another factor.

Is using an external SSD good for gaming?

Although external SSDs are wonderful for gaming as they are portable and easily tossed in your bag or pocket for use. While on the go, internal SSDs are best. SSDs are particularly impervious to shocks & vibrations. In fact, it is because they have no internal movable parts, ensuring your data protection.

Is HDD or SSD better for gaming?

SSDs cost more for each gigabyte than HDDs, although they load games & transmit data more quickly. Look at reading/write capabilities to judge performance while selecting an SSD. The PCIe interface used by contemporary SSDs is quicker than SATA III discs.

Is 2TB enough for gaming?

A 1TB or, at the very least, a 2TB SSD should be adequate to manage your game installation & original game data storage requirements for moderate gaming. Additionally, a 512GB SSD coupled with a 2–3TB HDD combination should be adequate if you just sometimes want to play games. Store up to 50+ titles on one drive using up to 2TB of storage.

How big of a hard drive do I need for gaming?

Most gamers think 1TB is sufficient for up to ten games. A 2TB HDD is probably the best option, though, if you desire to be future-proof. Considering SSDs are quicker than hard drives, one might also install a second 500GB SSD to store the os plus frequently played games.

Final words – Last but not least

The finest gaming hard drive enables you to store your games & possibly boost PC performance properly. Thus, this hard drive can increase gaming frame rates because it frees up a significant amount of internal space on your PC. When playing them uninterrupted, you might also notice a decrease in lag time.

Our top picks:

Here is the top Best External Hard Drive for Gaming as follows:

1)The device can load the games significantly more quickly than other accessible hard discs. You could also buy a Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Hard Drive if you’re seeking the finest large hard drive for gaming.

2)Toshiba Canvio Basics has a long and rich history in the industry and produces high-quality goods. I’ve used a few of these disks without incident. It now works flawlessly on the PS4!

3)WD 4TB Gaming Drive: it is the quick way to transfer gaming data to computers, phones, gaming systems, as well as other devices. In fact, it is a fantastic HDD product that works incredibly well enough with your PS5.

Enjoy Your Shopping!