7 Best Motherboard For i5 6500 In 2023

The Intel Core i5-6500 (Amazon) is a mid-tier addition to the sixth-generation family with a quad-core and quad-thread combination. It’s not the latest processor in the market but an ideal chip for moderate or mid-end users. In addition, it has a locked multiplier so you can use it where extreme overclocking is required but still, it knocks out the Core-i5-6400 in terms of performance. In short, if you want to play games at 1080p to 1440p graphics settings or do some moderate content creation, this is a perfect fit for you. Check out the i5 10400f motherboards list.

A motherboard stands as a skeleton in a computer and greatly impacts the overall speeds, and performances of the connected elements. In addition, it supervises the selection of the RAM, graphics card, processor, and other components. In short, you need the best motherboard for i5 6500 if you fully utilize the true capabilities of the processor. Moreover, if you’re planning to put some heavy gaming load or content creation stress on the system, you need to pay some extra attention to mobo’s selection than the ordinary users. Check out the i7 10700K motherboards updated guide.

The market contains all types of motherboards starting from low-end to top-tier products from tens of different brands. No doubt, it’s quite difficult to select one out of so many options but don’t worry, we can help you at this spot. In this post, you can find a detailed buying guide along with practical reviews of seven products to make the selection easier. I suggest you start reading the post from the buying guide and then move towards our eight recommended items—select one according to your usage. Check out the latest i7 7900F motherboards in this guide.

Quick Shopping Tips


The first thing you must check in a motherboard is whether it’s compatible with the PC case or not in terms of the size and form factor. If not, you may lose the money.

Memory capacity:

A motherboard must be able to accommodate at least 32GB of volatile memory. It’s better if it can take four DDR4 DIMMs to make a 64GB memory size. Here are the latest motherboards for Ryzen 9 5950x in this guide.

Overclocking and cooling:

No doubt, overclocking plays a direct role in terms of performance. But to ensure it, the board must be capable of properly managing the temperature.

Enough connectivity:

If you’re a gamer or content creator, the motherboard should have all types of connectivity options to be a future-proof product for you and your needs.

Top 7 Best Motherboard For i5 6500 In 2022

ASRock FATAL1TY H270M (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Micro ATX Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: ASRock | Chipset: Intel H270 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: micro ATX | Memory accommodation: 64GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 2400 MHz (maximum)


Compact in size

Has multi-GPU support 

Steel PCIe slots

4-layer memory POOL technology


Lacks WiFi and Bluetooth

No BIOS reset option

Who doesn’t know ASRock? It has been in the market for years and is especially known for manufacturing high-end motherboards with high-quality audio output. As far as the Fatal1ty H270M matters, it’s so powerful that it can handle any type of load including intensive overclocking during gaming and content creation sessions. Interestingly, the trend of building compact gaming systems is increasing day by day. If you want to follow this trend, this best micro ATX motherboard for i5 6500 can help you. 

The board uses the Intel H270 chipset along with the LGA 1151 socket to accommodate 6th- and 7th-generation Core processors. If we look at the specification sheet, this board comes with a vacancy to take four DDR4 DIMMs to give a total of 64GB volatile memory with a 2400MHz memory speed. Other than that, there are steel armored PCIe 3.0 slots, six SATA 3.0 connections, and a wide range of USB ports. In addition, you can connect three monitors, simultaneously, with HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports. 

If you look at its design, there is a beautiful combination of red and black color schemes that presents a unique-looking preset. Moreover, there is a 6-phase Digi Power design that works precisely with the premium 40A power chokes and Japanese capacitors. The brand has given a minimalistic touch of RGB lighting with LED on the board. But if you want some more out of the lighting, you can use the AURA lighting RGB strip connection to connect more lighting and customize them as per expectations. 

Final verdict: If you want to build the compact system of your dreams at an accessible price, the Fatal1ty H270M can help you out. It’s a micro ATX mother circuit with some extra touches of high-end performance, jaw-dropping efficiencies, and more. But there are some downsides to this product as well. Like most of the mobos in this post, it doesn’t have WiFi Bluetooth. In addition, overclocking with this board is quite difficult to perform plus you can’t reset the BIOS as per requirement.

MSI Enthuastic Z170A Gaming M5
MSI Enthuastic Z170A Gaming M5 (Image credit: Amazon)

MSI Enthuastic Z170A Gaming M5

Best Gaming Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: MSI | Chipset: Intel Z170 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: ATX | Memory accommodation: 64GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 3600 MHz (maximum)


Excellent price-to-performance ratio

Has a long list of features

Future-proof board

Looks eye-catching


No VGA port

MSI has a good reputation in the motherboards field and has a major market share to its name. Today, we will look at its all-rounder Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard which is often called the best gaming motherboard for i5 6500. It falls in the entry-level category but is perfect for low-budget users who want to get an excellent price-to-performance ratio. It’s built around military grade-5 components, titanium chokes, steel-plated PCIe slots, and more to be the best-looking choice and perfect feature-packed product. 

The board has the Z170 chipset, as the name suggests, and LGA 1151 type socket to accommodate the sixth-generation Core processors. You can put 64GB DDR4 type memory on the board and can run that with a 3600MHz of memory speed. In addition, there is a wide range of connectivity options, including all-type USB ports, a pair of M.2 slots, six SATA 3.0 6Gb/s connections, and more. Like the previous ASUS Z170-A motherboard, this one has LAN Ethernet for networking but lacks WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless communication. 

If we take it inside out, the whole mobo is built on a solid PCB with ATX form factor and is embedded with adequate VRM design to ensure effective power flow. The all-black PCB looks great with the dark red color strokes on the board. In addition, the Audio Boost 3 technology lets you enjoy a clean and crystal audio quality plus steel-plated PCIe3 and silver soldering further enhance the quality. You can fit all types of standard ATX heatsinks, fans, and even the 4-pin or 3-pin PWM coolers on this mother circuit. 

Final verdict: The MSI Z170A Gaming M5 is a great motherboard for those who don’t want to compromise the performance but still want an affordable product. Overall, it’s one of the best motherboards for i5 6th gen but there are some downsides as well. Firstly, no DP or VGA port is given in the real I/O panel so if you have an old graphics monitor, you need to have an adaptor to plug it in. Secondly, there is LAN Ethernet but it may not be as helpful in gaming as the competition.

Best Pick
ASUS Z170-A (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Premium Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: Intel Z170 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: ATX | Memory accommodation: 64GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 2133MHz


Excellent performance

Can overclock the unlocked processors

Two-SLI technology

10-phase DIGI+ VRM design

A wide range of connectivity options 


Lacks WiFi and Bluetooth

Competitively pricey

The first product on our list is the ASUS Z170-A motherboard. It’s an ATX form factor motherboard to support all types of DDR4 types of volatile memory. ASUS is a well-known brand in the market having its distribution in manufacturing all types of tech-related gadgets and computer components. The Z170-A is the best motherboard for i5 6500 with excellent performance but with a slightly inaccessible price tag for many users. Overall, it must be your choice if you want to get all the necessary features in one spot. 

The Intel Skylake processors line brings an advanced architecture and chipsets that need an equally capable motherboard to perform well. There are about 40% more high-speed I/O lanes available on the Z170 chipset which is being used in the following motherboard. Moreover, the board has a combination of impressive features like USB 3.2 ports, six SATA Express ports, and M.2 connections for expansion purposes. It has pretty much everything to be the best premium motherboard for i5 6500 and is perfect for high-end users. 

All the elements that are connected with the motherboard require effective power input to reach their maximum output level. Well, this board features a 10-phase DIGI+ VRM design along with high-quality capacitors and MOSFETs to ensure a smooth power input. Other than that, the board comes with auto-tuning, fan-tuning, and more options to keep the workflow going. ASUS has changed the design of the Z97 motherboards and painted some white and black colors on its mainstream Z170 motherboards that look fine. 

Final verdict: The ASUS Z170-A is one of the best motherboards for i5 6th gen processors with a bunch of excellent features and mid-tier specifications. In contrast, the price tag isn’t reasonable for such a board plus it’s quite out of accessible range. Some plus points of the board include Fan Xpert 3 technology for effective cooling, smooth overclocking performance, and two-way SLI technology. There is LAN Ethernet given with the board but the absence of WiFi and Bluetooth isn’t good news for many tech enthusiasts. 

Budget Pick
GIGABYTE Aorus Z390 UD (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Budget Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: Gigabyte | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Socket: LGA 115 | Form Factor: ATX | Memory accommodation: 128GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 4266 MHz (maximum)


Quite affordable in its category

Looks great

Has multi-GPU support

10+2 power phases design

Excellent thermal management


Only one M.2 slot

No WiFi and Bluetooth

Gigabyte is a Taiwan-based tech manufacturer holding a number of records in all the tech fields. Not only in the current era but even in 1986, it was known worldwide and won the title for its “Ultra-Durable” motherboards. We have its Aorus Z390 UD which is a perfect combination of excellent speeds and adequate thermals from its all-time best “Aorus” series. It features an upgraded Intel Z390 chipset that enables it to handle the latest 8th- and 9th-generation Core processors–the i5-6500 generation is also fine. 

Despite being the latest board on the list, it’s still quite affordable in its category and wins the title of the best budget motherboard for i5 6500 chip. Not only that, it can accommodate a huge amount of 128GB volatile memory and run that with a 4266MHz of memory speed. As far as the connectivity matters, there are six SATA ports, one M.2 support, eight USB 3.2 Gen 1 connections, and several PCIe 4.0 slots. You don’t get WiFi and Bluetooth but the Realtek ALC887 audio codec and Realtek RTL8111H Gigabit networking controller are there. 

The board uses Smart Fan 5 cooling technology along with a single-piece stainless steel shielding design with reinforced PCIe connectors. On top of that, it has a future-proof 10+2 phase PWM design with effective MOSFETs and high-end capacitors to support the latest processors and other connected elements. Design-wise, the brand has removed all the gaming branding from the board to represent a clean-looking design. The black PCB with grey side-sweeping looks fantastic in all types of situations. 

Final verdict: The Aorus Z390 UD is a future-proof and reliable motherboard to power all the latest Intel’s 8th and 9th generation Core processors. It may not be the most affordable board on this list, but surely it is in the Z390 category. So, if you want to fully utilize the true capabilities of the processor, this is the best motherboard for i5 6500 processor. Some downsides of this board include only one M.2 slot and the absence of WiFi and Bluetooth which may be an issue for several tech enthusiasts.

ASUS H110M-K Micro ATX
ASUS H110M-K Micro ATX (Image credit: Amazon)

ASUS H110M-K Micro ATX

Best Cheap Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: Intel H110 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: micro ATX | Memory accommodation: 32GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 2400 MHz (maximum)


Cheapest on the list

Can fit into smallest cases

Easy to update the BIOS

Easy to use and customize


No wireless connection

Only allows 32GB memory

Once again, we have a micro ATX motherboard, the H110M-K, from ASUS that is a reputable tech company and known for manufacturing all types of computer components. This mobo is the best cheap motherboard for i5 6500 but you have to compromise on some features or aspects as we compare it with the other mATX in this post. It can accommodate only two DDR4 DIMMs to gather 32GB volatile memory rather than going for at least 64GBwhich is the best-suiting combination with a sixth-generation processor. 

In contrast, the LGA 1151 socket allows it to perform well with Intel’s 14nm CPUs including the 6th and 7th generation Core processors. It features four SATA 6Gb/s ports, PCIe 3.0/4.0 support, a pair of USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A connections, four USB 4.0 ports, and more. No WiFi and Bluetooth are given for wireless communication but you can utilize the dual LAN Ethernet to perform the networking operations. There are both benefits and downsides of having this board but it’s worth it at its price point. 

If we compare it with the other products in the market, this one has way better build quality at its price. There is an all-blac1k PCB on which white stripes are painted plus all the components are embedded. You can easily use this board and do all the customizations plus upgrade its BIOS setting without much difficulty. There are some limitations including fewer connectivity options and no wireless connection at all but it is perfect in terms of reliability. You can also save some bucks since there is no RGB lighting as well. 

Final verdict: The ASUS H110M-K is one of the cheapest motherboards in this post but it comes at a cost. There is no option for wireless connectivity like Bluetooth and WiFi plus it can accommodate only 32GB of volatile memory. You can change the speed of the single fan but can’t expand this number beyond one. One good news is that it has multi-VGA support with one DVI-D output and one VGA output where both support the maximum resolution of FHD at a 60Hz refresh rate.

Staff Pick
GIGABYTE B365M DS3H (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Overall Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: Gigabyte | Chipset: Intel B365 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: Micro ATX | Memory accommodation: 64GB DDR4 | Memory speed: 2666 MHz (maximum)


Value for money

Intel B365 chipset

Compatible with M.2 drive

Clean design


Only one M.2 connection 

No heatsink fairing

At the end of the list, we have the Gigabyte B365M DS3H motherboard. It is selected after a huge number of recommendations from its previous customers. No doubt, it is one of the most affordable boards from the brand with the affordable Intel B365 chipset. In addition, the title of the best overall motherboard for i5 6500 sits perfectly for this product since it’s packed with pretty much everything you may need for gaming. The LGA 1151 socket is there to connect Intel’s 8th and 9th generation Core processors. 

You can put four DDR4 DIMMs on this board and its dual-channel memory architecture will let you enjoy 2666MHz memory speed. Plenty of ports are available on the board to establish necessary secure wired connections. There are three PCIe connections, one M.2 connector, six SATA 6Gb/s ports, twelve USB connections, and three audio jacks. Like all the other six products on this list, there is no WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless communication but LAN Ethernet is there for networking purposes. 

You can put this board into a wide variety of PC cases due to the board’s micro ATX form factor. There are HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports that can be utilized for display connectivity and get the graphics output at reasonable resolution settings. Design-wise, it follows an attractive design with a jet-black color combination with some grey strips to break the sequence. The board has the 4+2 power phases design but still, the board isn’t that optimized to properly overclock and get effective performance.

Final verdict: The Gigabyte B365M DS3H comes with an affordable chipset, Intel B364, but provides an excellent performance-to-price ratio. It lacks all the flashy features like RGB lighting plus some necessary specifications like Bluetooth and WiFi. In contrast, there are enough to secure all types of wired connections. Moreover, this board isn’t the best option in terms of overclocking since it doesn’t have enough optimization. In short, nothing is there to draw your attention except its value for money.

ASUS PRIME B250M-A (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Motherboard for i5 6500


Brand: ASUS | Chipset: Intel B250 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Form Factor: micro ATX | Memory accommodation: 64GB DDR4 type | Memory speed: 2400 MHz (maximum)


Perfect to build compact system

ASUS 5X Protection III

Updated BIOS

Excellent thermal management


Lacks onboard WiF

We have already seen the Z170-A at the beginning of this post from ASUS which is a great board in terms of price but slightly outdated. Well, this ASUS Prime B250M-A is here to show the other side of the brand’s mastery. In addition, if you’re not satisfied with the ASRock FATAL1TY H270M due to any reason, but still want to build a compact gaming rig, this is a perfect option for you. It’s a micro ATX motherboard with the LGA 1151 socket and B250 chipset to support the latest 6th and 7th generation Intel Core processors. 

Overall, it’s the best motherboard for i5 6500 with the fastest memory response, effective signal transmission, efficient PCIe controller, and great performance. You can put four DDR4 DIMMs to get 64GB memory with a 2400MHz memory speed with the help of dual-channel memory architecture. There are two M.2 connections, six SATA ports, and Dual LAN with AUS LANGuard. Many of the users were complaining about the inefficient BIOS in the previous models. So the brand has updated it with the new V1.1 BIOS version. 

Design-wise, there is an all-black PCB decorated with silver color lining and embedded with silver and black elements. Moreover, it features ASUS 5X Protection III technology which comprises many protection features against surges and abrupt voltage changes. The 6-phase digital power design ensures effective power input and Fan Xpert 3 is there to perform some effective thermal management steps. In short, this board is perfect in terms of performance, power efficiency, cooling, and ease of use.

Final verdict: The ASUS Prime B250M-A is a great motherboard to build a compact gaming rig without compromising performance. You can play games at 1080p to 1440p graphics settings while maintaining a smooth 60+ fps. In contrast, there are some disappointing factors as well. Despite being so up-to-date, this board has no M.2 NVMe SSD PCI-E 3.0 x4 dual onboard slot. Overall, the wired connectivity is fine but the absence of WiFi and Bluetooth may affect your productivity if you often use wireless connections. 


The Intel Core i5-6500 is a locked processor but if you pair the best motherboard for i5 6500, you can enjoy an impressive 1080p to 1440p gaming experience. We have reviewed the seven best products for all types of users and their usage. If you want an affordable board, you can choose between MSI Z170A M5, ASUS H110M-K, or ASUS Z170-A. In addition, if you want an upgrade rather than just a basic performance, you can go for either Gigabyte Aorus Z38- UD or the B365M DS3H according to your budget and the performance you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What motherboard is compatible with i5-6500?

The ASUS H110M-K is one of the cheapest motherboards to pair with the i5-6500 chip. It is a micro ATX board and can help you to build a compact gaming rig. It offers no wireless connection plus has limited volatile memory expansion up to only 32GB. But it’s a great pick in terms of low price and reliability.

Which motherboard is best for i5 processor?

The Gigabyte Aorus Z390 UD is one of the best mobos for i5 processors with an LGA 1151 socket and Z390 chipset. You can get the most out of the processors with the help of this product with its multi-GPU support and 10+2 power phases design. Moreover, it looks great and excellently manages the temperature.

Is i5-6500 still good for gaming?

If it’s possible to invest in an unlocked processor, just go for it rather than putting your bucks in the i5-6500. But if you don’t have much budget and want a basic gaming experience at a 1080p graphics setting, you can work it out with this chip. But make sure to pair a good-quality graphics card and a motherboard for effective performance. 

What is the i5-6500 equivalent to?

The closest match for the i5-6500 is the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor. If you prefer value rather than performance, the i5-6500 is perfect for you. However, if you want more speed and performance in games, the Ryzen 5 1600 is a good-to-go option with six cores and way impressive CPU Mark Ratings.

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