Best Motherboard For i9-10850k In 2023

Are you wondering for the finest motherboard for i9-10850k? (Amazon) Then, check the most suitable 400-series and 500-series chipset for Intel’s 10th Gen Core i9 processor. Chipsets from Intel are used to build motherboards for Intel chips. Nevertheless, in order for you to use capabilities and features boards must directly support them. Read more about the best motherboards for i7 9700f in 2022.

John David – The Computer analyst says the best motherboard for i9-10850k is the most demanding now-a-days. You need to be aware of the qualities to consider in a motherboard and also why they matter to you in order to make this choice. We’ll talk about the top motherboards for gaming systems today.

7 Product Review for Best Motherboard for i9-10850k

The 10850K is 2 generations old, yet it still functions nicely. Because there is no PCIe 4.0 support, it is recommended to combine one with a Z490 board. Since these motherboards are becoming more expensive and elusive, we also included a number of Z590 substitutes. Keep reading below: 6 best boards for i9 9900k In 2022.

Budget Pick
MSI MPG Z490 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Budget Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: MSI | CPU Socket: LGA 1200 | Memory Speed: 4800 MHz | WIFI: 802.11ax | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 3.44 pounds | Form factor: ATX


Inexpensive price and fantastic work

Wi-Fi power phases 6 & 12

Highly durable board


The motherboard gets heat up soon

The MSI MPG Gaming Carbon Wireless midrange motherboard supports Intel’s tenth gen. You have the choice to use your CPU even though it gets better with the LGA 1200 socket when it is compatible with that socket. The board’s attractiveness in terms of aesthetics is increased by its sleek black, mystic lighting RGB shades.

Recently, when I was putting up my gaming setup, I stumbled into this magnificent piece of art. This was my very first MSI board that I purchased for a fresh build for a platform with an Intel 10th Generation CPU for game as well as general PC use. I’m happy with this best budget motherboard for i9-10850k so far, even if I still have to invest some time fully customising the new build. The goods and packaging were excellent.

Fast processing speed

A motherboard which effectively supports your Intel chip is the best Intel motherboard for gamers. In fact, it has twelve phases and a 4800 MHz memory speed. Although additional thermal tuning is needed, overclocking up to 5GHz is possible. It would be advisable to prepare water with it in case you have any heat-related issues.

Modern Wi-Fi technology

It gives off the idea that it has been made specifically to match the CPU and desktop. The inbuilt 2.5G LAN & WIFI 6 both have the potential to improve your gaming experience. In fact, to simplify configuration & avoid static electricity, this top motherboard for gaming comes with pre-mounted I/O shielding. This motherboard’s outstanding performance is a result of the DDR4 boost technology.

USB and ports versatility

In order to maximise the versatility of your additional storage, it provides you with two M.2 slots and six SATA Gbps connectors. Additionally, there are two USB 2.0 connectors plus 5 USB 3.2 connections just on the side of the motherboard. It can hold up to 128 gigabytes of RAM. When overclocked to 5 GHz while operating concurrently, the RAM speed is similar to 4800 MHZ. In any event, the RAM interoperability is quite good.

The only little limitations, like the requirement to flash the bios, are nitpicky, and overall, I admire the motherboard; it’s pricing is out of this world. Utilizing an old GTX 980 and SSD/HDD disks while using a building’s architecture for all other components

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

For my mother, this system was developed. She said, “Everything is absolutely awesome,” when I questioned what specs she desired. I could easily see why I should pick MSI. I’ve only had great luck using MSI one and the motherboard issue. I highly recommend it. The only thing I would alter is Mystic’s customization programme to make it much more advanced.

In fact, it was necessary to download and flash the most recent bios onto a USB stick; the bios flash application was faultless. It was straightforward to find and install upgraded audio & chipset components from the MSI website. Everything was carefully constructed by me and then uploaded for the very first time.

Staff Pick
ROG Strix Z590-E
ROG Strix Z590-E (Image credit: Amazon)

ROG Strix Z590-E

Best Gaming Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1200 | Memory Speed: 5333 MHz | WIFI: Intel Z590 | Chipset: No | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 1.76 pounds | Form factor: ATX


Compactable with Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5.2

14+2 power phases and Quad M.2 ports

Attractive thermal architecture

Take Note Some Point

The DIMM slots & CPU socket are near together.


High wireless connectivity

The aesthetics of this motherboard and the Hero are very similar. You’ll notice the recognisable slash design as well as the dark colour scheme, but you’ll like them. Both regular 2.5G Ethernet & WiFi 6e are useful for online connectivity. The gold-plated 5+1 audio stack is present, as well as the clear CMOS & flashback buttons.

Functionality for wireless bluetooth and WIFI connectivity is also provided. It is multi-core compatible and offers a range of connectivity options. The AI noise cancellation efficiently mutes extraneous sounds when using a microphone. With the help of Sonic Studio III and DTS Sound Unbound, you may experience the greatest audio quality available while gaming.

Multiple power options

The top the best gaming motherboard for i9-10850k has developed dependable power options for the fastest performance. It features superior capacitors, reliable alloy chokes, ProCool II power connectors, and 14+2 power stages. Therefore, these components guarantee that your motherboard chipset can successfully support a multi-core CPU. M.2 SSD also reads at 3438 GPS.

Incredible thermal output

Thermal output between 10850K and 10900K is identical. That puts the 14+2 phases of the Z590-E Gaming WiFi to the test, itself which largely succeeds. The VRM is capable of supporting the processor at base speeds without strain. Although pushing it to 5GHz produces too much heat. If you’re interested in achieving your best performance, keep that in mind.

Various ports acceptability

The networking and connectivity features will soon be available. Additionally, type-C & type-A USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. For intensive networking, you can use both 2.5 GB Ethernet and WIFI 6E concurrently. The board has outstanding capabilities including Aura RGB lighting that ensures the MOBO’s beauty. Artificial intelligence is the main focus of this complete board, including AI networking and overclocking.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

Ultimately, I’m extremely happy with the top Intel LGA 1200 gaming motherboard. It’d have been wonderful if some Vloggers who were aware of issues with 11th generation PCIe SSD cores had raised attention to the case. If the literature had made it clear in huge print that slot 1 only accepted 11th generation cores.

Thus, I love this best gaming motherboard for i9-10850k for my personal gaming. Exciting way for learning Son is ecstatic with his newest gaming machine. Using my I9 10700KF, the setup completed without a hitch, but the BIOS failed to recognise the SSD. When tested on another functional rig, it performed flawlessly.

ROG Maximus XIII Hero
ROG Maximus XIII Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

ROG Maximus XIII Hero

Best Overall Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1200 | Memory Speed: 5333 MHz | WIFI: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 802.11ax | Chipset: Intel Z590 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 6.5 pounds | Form factor: ATX


Two Thunderbolt 4 connectors and ten USB ports

Strong Wi-Fi 6E and dual 2.5 GbE

Superior 14-phase 90A VRM


Cost inefficient

Having said that, you paid for the goods you received, and a motherboard has numerous really powerful characteristics. It is built to last for a very long time! Given that perhaps the VRMs have HUGE heatsinks, I was surprised by how well balanced it was.

The Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero best overall motherboard for i9-10850k appears to be having high-quality components. A striking design stands out despite its comparatively high price. 

Additionally, a strong power supply is a stylish, high-end design, featuring four M.2 connections. A complete premium audio choice is The Hero. It is a motherboard with several features that is priced higher in the centre of the Z590 range.

Attract RGB look

When an Asus BIOS has been thoroughly studied and developed, it can be used with all of their products. And indeed the RGB is stunning; the board is flawless, and so on. It varies depending on the vehicle and other characteristics you have, to put it simply. Asus is thought to offer some of the best BIOS support because all of these motherboards are intended for enthusiasts.

Excellent processor chipset

The Z590 chipset is compatible with processors from generations 10 and 11; however it excels with version 11. I would suggest sticking with a Z490 board if you specifically desire to utilize a 10th generation processor. So, it is because the Z590 chipset will not provide any additional advantages. Moreover, it might even result in abnormalities & performance issues.

Speed and performance

Performance in our tests was comparable to that of the previous Z590 iterations we’ve tested with so far, and in several cases it is even a little bit faster. Memory testing was successfully finished with DDR4 3600 supported at 1:1 without the need for a hitch. It also handled the DDR4 4000 kit with ease. Additionally, the overclocking testing was successful.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I took a chance and purchased this product from Amazon Warehouse with the “okay” rating. Despite the fact that it contained scratches as well as certain parts were missing. With all of the pack-ins & extras, what was delivered was practically brand-new. This is what I’d call Asus’s “mid tier” top-end board.

In fact, it is a step up over their Strix and below line, although unquestionably below their Apex & Extreme boards. The very first thing to realise is that this mobo is made for overclocking and enhancing CPU performance. For the best Intel motherboard for gaming, the price is too expensive.

ASRock Z490
ASRock Z490 (Image credit: Amazon)

ASRock Z490

Best ATX Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: ASRock | CPU Socket: M.2 socket | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | WIFI: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 2.64 pounds | Form factor: ATX


It features a pleasing theme and styling.

The RGB component is present.

High-performance memory that has been overclocked.


Full load power usage is way too high.

ASRock Z490 is one of the Taichi best ATX motherboard for i9-10850k made by ASRock. It comes close to winning the title of best board for the i9 10850K but is a little pricey. Furthermore, the Taichi offers a variety of high-end features appropriate for a board at the top of its generation.

Outstanding performance

Utilize this wonderful product to create images. It’s performance and dependability, which never leaves you on the street, are simply superb. Simple to set up Scream. You know what I’m referring to as soon as you throw away the original package. I’ve used Asrock my entire life and wouldn’t replace it with a different product of that nature.

Immediately functional

I can manage all the lighting effects with a single programme thanks to the motherboard’s dual addressable RGB headers as well as two basic RGB headers. Try employing one of the DisplayPorts on the graphics card rather than the HDMI port whether you’re similar to me and spend several hours trying to determine why the BIOS is really not displaying just on screen.

VRM and overclocking

The VRM appears to be a step down from the previous two options. A 12+2 setup uses just 14 phases, and each of them delivers 50A to your 10850K. When you combine that with the two substantial heatsinks, the result is a VRM that resists even light overclocking. The board does come with a second 8-pin EPS power socket including three tiny fans, something which aids in cooling the VRM.

USB support

You receive a debugger, a two-digit error code display, and indeed the ability to reset the motherboard from its PCB. The Taichi includes eight headers for fans as well as water pumps, which provide plenty of cooling support.

Thus, there are also headers for USB 2.0, Thunderbolt, including 10Gbps USB-C. Even the most expensive boards rarely have a top-tier DAC supporting the front panel audio. Eight USB plugs, including the 20Gbps USB-C plug, are included as standard ports.

Ports and connectivity

You receive two Ethernet connectors and WiFi 6. However, one of them is an outdated Intel Gigabit LAN type. The 5+1 audio stack is in the centre as opposed to the right. Fortunately, signal noise is barely impacted by this. Only PS/2, HDMI, DisplayPort, as well as a BIOS flash button are left.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I use my computer for everything, including gaming, viewing videos, and web browsing. The Board is fantastic. I combined that with a 32GB of 3600MHz DDR4 RAM, and an Intel i9 10850k processor. Fallout 76, and Doom Eternal are all playable at 2560x1440p with 60+ frames per second with no stuttering or lag.

It wasn’t inexpensive, but it was well worth the cost. I heartily endorse this forum. Further, it is completely delighted with the product’s quality and performance. Only a few minor scratches on the packaging, which is otherwise in excellent shape and is fully functional after being purchased from the store.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Premium Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: GIGABYTE | CPU Socket: LGA 1200 | Memory Speed: 5000 MHz | WIFI: Intel WiFi 6 802.11ac | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 1.72 pounds | Form factor: ATX


There are PCIe 4.0 slots available.

Five advantages of smart fans.

The SSD has built-in thermal protection.


There is just one USB 3.0 header accessible.

The optimal motherboard for an i9 10850K if overclocking is a top priority is our runner-up. The 14-phase VRM throughout this model is not surprising since the Master line is a standard for those who want to overclock their CPUs. Similar to the Hero, the primary power output is 90A per stage, with 50A flowing to the GPU. Remarkably little heatsinks are in charge of this.

Stylish motherboard

I enjoy connecting the GIGABYTE Ultra gaming motherboard to my computer since it has a stylish & distinctive design that makes gaming light and portable. It offers high-performance characteristics improved by an i7 processor from Intel’s 8th generation. Up to 128 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM running at 5,000MHz can be found in the Z490AORUS.

Outstanding processor

My favourite 1.72 pound GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra Best premium Motherboard for i9-10850k offers outstanding processor, graphics, but also gaming performance. This motherboard appeals to me due to its excellent sound and video capabilities.

Three M.2 drives as well as the chipset are thermally insulated by a thick layer of heatsinks covering the entire bottom portion of the board. On the other side, there are six additional SATA drive spaces. Speed is built into every aspect of the Gigabyte Z490 Ultra motherboard, including power supply and boosting to cutting-edge networking.

Immersive gaming performance

For a completely immersive gaming performance, this device also supports the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processor. You can alter the light effects mostly on AORUS RGB Fusion lighting to suit your tastes. You can indeed change the rate at which each important lighting option changes. The GIGABYTE AORUS X798 Ultra is equipped with two USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports and therefore is prepared to meet all of your gaming needs.

Wireless connectivity

The best gaming motherboard for the i7-10700k is the Z490I AORUS Ultra. With additional features, it provides the most demanding gamers, enthusiasts, and pros with an unmatched gaming experience. It is comparable to Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11ac, which has 2.2X more range and up to 7x faster 5Gbps data rates than 802.11ac.

Ports and graphic cards

Additionally, we came to the conclusion that additional features such as USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-CTM and Intel 9th Gen CPU support. I appreciate the powerful Intel® CoreTM processors that boost processing speed and the 50% quicker Wi-Fi connectivity.

With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards and Intel Core i7 processors, it is amazing. Furthermore, it is enabling fluid video streaming on multiple monitors; customers can also experience cross-platform gaming enjoyment.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

In conclusion, we endorse the Gigabyte Z490I AORUS Ultra as a high-performance motherboard following thorough testing. These ports enable rates of up to 5000 MHz, have a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, and two M.2 slots that can accommodate NVMe SSD storage systems.

I love its multi ports option. The matte black as well as brushed aluminium pieces stand out sharply from one another. The LEDs that illuminate the I/O shroud and also the AORUS mascot also give the outfit some additional flair.

Best Pick
ASUS ROG Maximus XII (Image credit: Amazon)


Best High End Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: ASUS | CPU Socket: LGA 1200 | Memory Speed: 4700 MHz | WIFI: Intel WiFi 6 AX201 (802. 11 ax) | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 4.14 pounds | Form factor: ATX


Geared toward bespoke water cooling

Numerous internal and I/O connection

Fastest processing ability



It’s Z490 edition has every feature a power user might desire. Even better, it has some of the best aesthetic appeal and thermal performance of the current generation of boards. It will cost you a lot of money to buy one. Although, it is worthwhile to receive the finest motherboard for an i9 10850K in return.

I really never thought it was worth investing a tonne of money on a board for something. I would only use it for gaming for around four hours a day due to work, but I’m pleased I made the purchase on this! I connected it to an i9-10900k, and holy crap, this board makes the best use of this processor right out of the box. I adore the CPU temperature readout on the board. It lets me always know the temperature without bothering to load any additional software.

Platinum AIO Cooler

With so many cores, it only gets as hot as 65C at its maximum load. Together, they form the H115i RGB Platinum AIO Cooler. The box is packaged beautifully. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth are also included with this board. It’s also wonderful that the VRM modules have access to EK Water Blocks right from the box. It allows you to cool the VRMs simultaneously creating a bespoke water loop if you’d like.

Heat sink and RGB feature

The baseline black is wonderfully complemented by a few sizable mirror-finished portions and a diagonally cut across one of the M. The lower armour is compromised by 2 heatsinks. The addition of RGB doesn’t take away from the board’s professional and authoritative look.

Additionally, the VRM heatsink region of this best high end Motherboard for i9-10850k is designed to benefit from water block cooling. However, unless you’re aiming for overclocks that break records, you won’t need the assistance.

Stability and cooling

The hero and master boards on this list offer more amperage, but really the variations in practice are insignificant. Individual phases are not overly stressed, and massive coupled heat sinks effectively remove heat. In order to increase stability and cooling, the motherboard also incorporates a strengthened backplate.

Ports and plugs

They have six SATA plugs and three thermally separated PCIe 3.0 drive slots. Modern cards do not require multi-GPU functionality, but three x 16 lanes enable it. The selection of external ports is more enticing. It has enough Thunderbolt, USB 3.2, and 8 cooling connections to support even the most complex PC cases.

A Z490 board comes with basic storage options. Modern cards do not require multi-GPU functionality, but three x16 lanes enable it. The selection of internal ports is more enticing. It has enough Thunderbolt, USB 3.2, and eight cooling headers to support even the most complex PC cases.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

I adore this motherboard and all of its capabilities, however regrettably I was given a faulty one. It makes sense to get it replaced or repaired, which is what I would have done in the regular situation.

According to reports, if you receive an ASUS board that would have been produced, sold, or sent from outside the nation for whatever reason, ASUS in the USA will just not accept it to perform any type of repairs. I adore the RGB on this board; it is very gorgeous.

Gigabyte Z390 M
Gigabyte Z390 M (Image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte Z390 M

Best Micro ATX Motherboard for i9-10850k


Brand: Gigabyte | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Memory Speed: 2133 MHz | WIFI: None | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128 GB DDR4 | Weight: 1.72 pounds | Form factor: Micro ATX


Good motherboard that performs well.

It is effective and has a superb build.

You can afford to get all the cool items.


No built-in Wi-Fi or bluetooth in board.

Gigabyte Z390 M have roughly 7 distinct ATX-sized motherboards in the $$$ price range that are compatible with Intel’s desktop Z390 chipset. Companies are under pressure to offer a high-quality combination of premium features at a lower cost than the competition. And to attract customers with distinctive graphics like a peacock’s plume.

Stunning RGB feature

The entirety of GIGABYTE’s Z390 Aorus best micro ATX motherboard for i9-10850k shares the same black, orange, and silver Aorus Falcon-inspired design. That has become a common trend throughout the line. Users can get their teeth into lots of RGB on the GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Pro WIFI. Thanks to its four integrated, programmable zones and its audio PCB separation line.

That now produces an underglow effect. The Z390 chipset heatsink, the RAM slots, and also the rear panel cover. As if that weren’t enough, GIGABYTE also comes with a total of four headers, including two for programmable RGB LED strips as well as two for regular 5050 RGB LED strips.

BIOS and overclocking

The utilities on the included disc aren’t very functional, and BIOS is a little difficult to use. I don’t have any problems with this board aside from that. I appreciate that the I/O shield is included because it made installation easier, and it went well. I had no trouble overclocking my i7-9700k to 5GHz on all cores.

Noiseless mobo

The PC is remarkably silent since the fan controllers maintain the chassis so cool—in fact, unless I’m playing a game, the CPU fan doesn’t even turn on. If you can be convinced to set it up. Something I couldn’t go beyond the basics of making it the exact colour as my case lights. It includes full RGB lighting and therefore can control external RGB strips.

Wi-Fi and other necessities required

I wish Bluetooth or wireless was already built in, but other than that, I have no complaints about the feature set. PS: Because this board has TPM 2.0, Win 11 is compatible with it.

The former owner looked after this mobo so well! It came complete with all the components, cables, discs, and screws. There were no scratches to be observed, and some of the peelable plastic remained present. It was not only handled carefully throughout usage, but also tenderly repackaged.

Why do I recommend it to you? – Personal review

For the pricing, this board offers a lot of features. This board and a few others were up for consideration. And I ultimately made the right decision. I’d repurchase and advise anyone wishing to update or construct a PC from the ground up to do so.

I’m delighted with the board I purchased for my i9-9900k (specs are below if you’re interested). The board has many fan controllers, which are quite beneficial if you have a huge fan-cooled chassis like I do. It is beautifully built.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Motherboard is Best for i9 10850K?

Here are the top Best Motherboard for i9-10850k as follows:
ROG Strix Z590-E
ROG Maximus XIII Hero
ASRock Z490
Gigabyte Z390 M

Is the i9 10850K a good processor?

Performance enthusiasts will love the Core i9-10850K since it offers the same gaming performance as that of the Core i9-10900K, the quickest gaming chip in the world. but at a cheaper price. With a high Computational cooler, you can anticipate excellent game efficiency, but a basic or standard CPU cooler will only provide middling performance.

What chipset is Intel i9 10850K?

The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 chipset, that has a baseline speed of 350 MHz and a maximum speed of 1.2 GHz, is used graphically by the Core i9-10850K. This CPU may be overclocked to reach its full speed if you require even more power, and it is unlocked.

What Motherboard should I use with i9 10900K?

Here are the top Motherboard for i9-10850k to use as follows:
ROG Maximus XIII Hero

Final words – Last but not least

When purchasing a motherboard, many things must be taken into account. The characteristics and compatibility of something like the motherboard are among the most crucial factors to take into account. Other things to think about are sophisticated technologies like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, SATA III, PCI-e, as well as DDR4-2666 RAM.

Our top picks:

You can utilise the other three PCIe storage slots, ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E, but not the top-most one. There are three full-length PCIe 3.0 x16 expansion lanes that work efficiently. The VRM can comfortably support the processor at base clocks.

Regarding VRM ruggedness, the ROG Maximus XIII Hero competes with the Master board from Gigabyte. It features 14+2 phases, with the first one being a team rather than double. The diversity, quantity, and quality of the internal connections and useful tools are impressive.

The guarantee is another crucial factor to take into account. For peace of mind, the company will replace the motherboard at little or no expense to you in the event of a problem. You would like a motherboard with or without an outstanding warrant.

Enjoy Your Shopping!