Best Power Supply For RTX 2060 In 2023

Power supply is the most vital parts of any gaming PC. In gaming PC setups, I have repeatedly run into issues with the power supply, and each time it was because of the low-quality parts that were employed. I, therefore, use PSUs that have better parts that enable their PC to perform properly for a longer amount of time.

Adam Jonny – A French engineer says To preserve your expensive parts, the best power supply for RTX 2060 protects your computer from overvoltage & Undervoltage. A power supply’s primary function is to transform the AC from the power outlet into DC. I’ll go through the factors you should take into account while selecting a power supply for your PC with RTX 2060 GPU (Amazon) in this post.

Top 5 Best Power Supply For RTX 2060 In 2022

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EVGA 550 B3
EVGA 550 B3 (Image credit: Amazon)

EVGA 550 B3

Best Value Power Supply for RTX 2060


Brand: EVGA | Fan Size: 130mm | Wattage: 550 Watts | Cooling Method: Air | Design: Full Modular | Weight: ‎4.2 Pounds | Form Factor: ATX


Fully modular power supply

Extremely silent operation

The eco-mode significantly reduces fan noise

Compact and modern design


Utilize plenty of power for GPU

It features a much superior single +12V Rail with a much higher output of amperage and is capable of supplying up to 549 watts of power. Moreover, it is practically what you have seen on the PSU itself. The PSU has an attractive appearance. Yet it contains several features that are absent from most conventional PSUs.

The best value power supply for RTX 2060 has precise wattage usage, compact design, full modularity, and all-black cables that came with the PSU made me very happy. There was not a solitary wire to be located with this PSU.

Additionally, due to its complete modularity, this RTX 3060 power supply requirements make it simple to obtain additional cables for customized wiring projects. I was really pleased with the outcomes after purchasing the Cablemods E-Series replacement cables.

This power supply was purchased to repair one that had quit functioning. I prefer being able to connect to only the wires that I use—the motherboard plug, the CPU, the SATA cable, and any additional peripherals. 

This PSU’s flexibility, which enables you to attach only the connections you require, is one of its best advantages. It also boasts a larger, 130mm fan which utilizes long-life sleeve bearings, one of the highest quality fan types available.

Why do I recommend this?

I’m delighted to have made my second foray into modular power supplies. Since this one is completely modular, I only had to connect 3 of the cords which allowed them much simpler to manage. It may survive for many years with ease, and for five years after purchase, EVGA will provide 24/7 support.

Therefore, if you want to avoid compromise, select this one. Thus, it is recommended power supply for RTX 2060 super.

Best Pick
Thermaltake Smart BX1 
Thermaltake Smart BX1  (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Smart BX1

Best RGB PSU for RTX 2060


Brand: Thermaltake | Fan Size: 120mm | Wattage: 550 Watts | Cooling Method: Air | Design: Non Modular | Weight: 1 Kg | Form Factor: ATX12V


Excellent value and smooth operation

Decent price, and steady power so far

Using a button, simple RGB functionalities can be switched


RGB lights are not addressable or modular

It is a non-modular Power supply with all the essential connections. it is two 8-pin power connectors that would be more than adequate for an RTX 2060 Super. It comes with a five-year warranty and makes use of the highest-quality, most reliable Japanese capacitors.

The PSU features basic RGB characteristics that can be activated with a switch by the power button, adding some flair to the case’s bottom corner. Although it isn’t very bright, it is something. Sincerely, I meant to get the Bronze 80 Plus, but I unintentionally placed an order for the White. Nearly a month of nonstop Warzone BR gaming appears to be working perfectly.

This best RGB PSU for RTX 2060 and a Vega 56 were added, and the machine instantly became completely new. The RGB is excellent but not overly bright, and the noise levels from this power supply are really low. Despite not being modular, this power supply’s compact design made it fit perfectly in this preconfigured PC.

Now I use my computer every day, I am one of them that keeps it on all the time. However, this device simply functions. It is my third one; my previous one is on the computer of my oldest son. The bulk of power usage is visible on the board, and there are no noticeable fluctuations.

Why do I recommend this?

This best power supply for RTX 2060 goes well with my rainbow unicorn-colored fans because I adore RGB. I am now using this power supply to its maximum capacity at 550 watts, even though it is rated at 80+ of 500 watts.

The fact that it has been running it and chugging away without complaining proves that this is a lot of power for not much money. Excellent power supply; I intend to soon get the 850w model. Thermaltake for power supply longevity!

Staff Pick
ARESGAME Power Supply
ARESGAME Power Supply (Image credit: Amazon)

ARESGAME Power Supply

Best Overall PSU for RTX 2060


Brand: ARESGAME | Fan Size: 120mm | Wattage: 650 Watts | Cooling Method: Air | Design: Full Modular | Weight: 3.56 Pounds | Form Factor: ATX


Three-year warranty

A solid metal building

A PSU tester is included! Never before have I seen a business include this!

Beautiful black power cords that appear to be of great quality


There are more expensive, significantly poorer alternatives available

For new construction, this power supply was bought. It only uses a nvme drive and 16 gigabytes of RAM; it is an ASRock Phantom 4 B550 Pro with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor. As a result, I’m not actually testing it. Now using a GPU that doesn’t require a power cord, and I’ll be replacing it shortly with something more powerful. 

Owing to more individuals staying at home as a result of the epidemic, numerous PC parts are being purchased immediately. As much as you can, buy it inexpensively. It may have the cables necessary to attach to a Disc burner. However, there is still enough of the 650w for a video card.

Six SATA power connectors are present on two of the wires exiting the PSU. Simply connect your burner to your motherboard using one and a SATA power cable to make it work.

It’s quite silent. In my opinion, higher-quality power supplies tend to be heavier than the best overall PSU for RTX 2060. Given how much of the casing is exposed for ventilation, this has a decent amount of weight. Time would tell how long-lasting and stable they are, but I’ve never really noticed anything that may point to a potential issue.

Interestingly, the fan is quieter than the remainder of my air-cooled system XD. The cables are ribbon-style rather than circular, which is the one item I don’t really like. The flattened cables don’t want to stay put, and I have a serious case of cable management OCD.

Why do I recommend this?

The fact that this best power supply for RTX 2060 features two 8-pin ATX connectors gives it an advantage over other inexpensive power supplies. You don’t need to purchase additional adapters, which is good for motherboards with two ATX connectors.

It includes a “tester.” A simple jumper is all that is needed to turn on the PSU without physically connecting it to a motherboard. Excellent inclusion even luxury manufacturers avoid.

EVGA 650 Bq
EVGA 650 Bq (Image credit: Amazon)

EVGA 650 Bq

Best Premium PSU for RTX 2060


Brand: EVGA | Fan Size: 140mm | Wattage: 650 Watts | Cooling Method: Air | Design: Semi-Modular | Weight: 5.0 Pounds | Form Factor: ATX


For nearly silent operation, use a clever auto fan

85 percent or more efficiency at average loads

High caliber and powerful safeguards


Unreliable and obtaining an RMA will take a lot of time if problems arise

For $$, the EVGA 650 BQ 80+ best premium PSU for RTX 2060 offers respectable performance and is a great match for any mid-to-high-end GPU, such as the RTX 2060 Super. Despite being a PSU from an earlier generation, it is very similar to the EVGA 550 B3. The PSU has a 140mm Nano-Steel Bearing fan.

My 1080ti 7700k ran it flawlessly. Now that I’m using a 3080, everything still runs flawlessly, but the fan is much noisier because the powerful graphics card is drawing more power. To reduce noise, I was able to undervolt it. It has an excellent low-cost PSU for a potent card.

Moreover, it not only expands its size but also improves airflow, aiding in efficient heat dissipation. You will receive the EPS & ATX power cables pre-connected thanks to their semi-modular architecture. 

This is a future-proof option for the RTX 2060 Super. Thus, it will even function with more powerful graphics cards, such as the RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super. Although the pricing was reasonable, I didn’t think switching to a gold-level PSU would save me enough power. I was astonished by how quiet it was because I had never installed a PSU of this caliber before..

Why do I recommend this?

I used it for approximately two years before it broke, but as it was still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, I seemed to be able to RMA that and get a replacement for nothing from EVGA. I used to have a 430-watt power supply that would shut off because not enough power was getting to my graphics card.

Budget Pick
Thermaltake Smart Pro
Thermaltake Smart Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Smart Pro

Best 650W Power Supply for RTX 2060


Brand: Thermaltake | Fan Size: 140mm | Wattage: 650 Watts | Cooling Method: Air | Design: Full Modular | Weight: 2.92 Pounds | Form Factor: ATX


Cables are ribbon-shaped rather than circular

Good value for the money

Place the power supply fan facing up for better cooling

With a high compression fan blade, the Ring 14 RGB Fan


Overheating issues for some customers

This was for my first PC construction, and I love the color. However, the cords can be overbearing. I installed this on my PC, and it operates flawlessly and quietly. But if you simply unwind and read the handbook, everything will be fine. For me, it works like a charm!

The Thermaltake Smart 650 Watt power supply is rated at 80+ Bronze as the highest I would advise for the RTX 2060 Super. Even though various brands provide an even more potent power supply, the added cost probably isn’t worth it. It is preferable to purchase something in the middle, as a build with an RTX 2060 Super is unlikely to have an i9 9900K.

Even though the EVGA 650BQ best 650W power supply for RTX 2060 is the same price, it lacks the 140mm RGB fan. Plus, it can be controlled via the button at the back. Your computer may need to be restarted with a slight delay, and this is where the Powersupply holdup will be felt.

Furthermore, it has 64GB of RAM, an amazingly overclockable motherboard, etc. Whenever there is a power failure and your UPS kicks in, the holdup time, which is higher than 16ms, is a highly useful feature. The EPS & ATX cables, which are slimmer than conventional cables, are provided separately as well as the system is completely modular.

The power light on the board flashed a few times, grew really dim, and eventually went out, which I noticed as a problem. Not even the fans, cooling system, or a single bulb turned on. I tried my other two PS units, and everything was the same.

Why do I recommend this?

Although currently a bit expensive, the goods were shipped expertly and arrived on schedule. There were numerous cables included for different accessory components, as well as the installation was easy. There is absolutely no noise. I adore the additional light-up capabilities it has, which make the computer flashy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which power supply is required for an RTX 2060?

A good grade 500W PSU is required for the RTX 2060. a system power supply that is at least 550 W or more and has a single 8-pin PCI Express backup power connector. Make absolutely sure users satisfy all the computer necessary requirements before unboxing your newest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER graphics card to facilitate a seamless installation.

Is a 750W PSU sufficient for an RTX 2060?

While 750W is adequate, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also choose 800W or above. Moreover, it also offers you some extra headroom, given the current condition of crypto mining, wherein Power supply may have been impacted. In fact, it’s wise to maintain a load between 50 and 75 percent.

Is a 650W PSU adequate for an RTX 2060?

Indeed, the RTX/TI 2060 has plenty of power with a 650-watt power supply. If you’re presently using, let’s say, a 600W PSU then might get by just fine dependent on other gear in your system. NVIDIA suggests a 650W PSU for the RTX 3070. 650w is a decent amount. Although the Intel consumes greater energy, a high-quality 650w is still more than enough.

Will an RTX 2060 GPU work with a 550W PSU?

Is 550w enough for RTX 2060? A 550-watt power supply should be adequate for 2060. If the power supply is really bad, it shouldn’t function, but the 500 watts seems to be enough. It will operate because Nvidia requires the least 550W, however, 650W is strongly advised.

Is an RTX 2060 powered by a 400-watt power supply adequate?

Due to the likelihood that even a 400w PSU will have a low amperage on the 12v rail, you run the risk of harming your components. You’re taking a chance, but you would not want to ruin your new RTX 2060 with 450w PSU.

Final words – Last but not least

The power sources I’ve mentioned here are nearly identical to one another, with a few small variances that you may or may not encounter in actual use. You must only purchase a dependable power supply for an RTX 2060 Super, as I indicated before.

However, I don’t advise spending more than $$$ on a single PSU. It is advised to spend between $$ on a PSU because it will be enough to power both your current system as well as any future improvements.

Our top picks:

I would recommend Thermaltake Smart BX1 as the best among all. Although it has a maximum power output of 550 watts, I think it will do the job adequately and power the RTX 2060 Super as well as the rest of the system. It features flat wires to make managing & threading cables easier for you.

We hope that our detailed review regarding the Best Power Supply for RTX 2060 will definitely help you a lot while choosing the best power supply. 

Happy shopping!