CPU Fan Not Detected | Problem Solved!

When you are playing your favourite game or are in the middle of some critical work, you see an error: CPU fan not detected. It is an irritating moment that frustrates you, but don’t worry, as many people worldwide are going through this problem. Because of that reason, Gaming Zaming has written a guide for you. In which you can learn how to resolve this error or how you could get rid of it in 2022.

CPU Fan Not Detected | Here is a Solution

So the error you must be facing is the 511 CPU fan not detected error, which is a prevalent one that indicates your fan is either not working because it’s disconnected or faulty. There are two solutions for that; you could connect the fan again by opening your CPU if it’s disconnected. Or you have to replace that fan to resolve this issue, as the CPU fan plays a crucial role in cooling down your gaming PC’s processor.

Detailed guide:


You must be experiencing some weird issue with your gaming PC related to the 511 CPU fan not being detected. It constantly shuts down your PC or reboots it; the cause is a faulty CPU cooling fan or disconnected fan wires. If this issue is not solved very soon, it could hurt the health of your CPU and your gaming PC in 2022. Because the fan plays an essential role in cooling down your processor, the heavy games we play tend to overheat the system; hence, when it’s not working correctly, it could severely damage the processor.

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You could either fix the internal fan for cooling your CPU by connecting the wires if it is disconnected or replace it if it has stopped working and is not repairable. It is a pretty standard hardware error that could be caused by various issues related to the CPU, which is explained below:

Uncleaned Cooling fans:

When you do not clean the dust on your CPU, it could result in a permanent fault. The fans could be stuck because of dirt, so you should try cleaning them every couple of months. 

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Physical Damage:

Physical damage to the CPU internal fans, the terminal, or the motherboard could cause this issue. So make sure there is no physical damage to these components; if there is any, replace them as soon as possible because they could also damage the other PC components. 

Cables are disconnected:

Another most common issue is that the wires of your CPU fans are disconnected, so open them and connect them back to get rid of the 511-CPU fan not detected Windows 10 issue.

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The Bios Settings:

The computers recently made in 2022 have a unique feature of controlling the CPU fan from the internal settings of your PC. When you customise those settings, then it is possible that, by mistake, you have turned it off. You can reset your CPU settings to default to eliminate CPU fans not detected in bios. 

Now, as we have understood quite a few reasons why this CPU fan speed has not detected error, here are a few solutions below which will help you resolve this issue in 2022.

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Solutions To:CPU fan not detected ASUS:

  • Suppose there are any physical damages to your CPU. Or the motherboard the processor is attached to, replace them to fix the problem.
  • Clean the CPU fans every few months as they could be damaged because of dirt over time and eventually damage the CPU and the other essential PC components resulting in overheating.
  • Secure the fan connections of your processor because they could get loose by moving your PC around from one room to another.
  • They could also get loose when cleaning your processor fans’ dirt.
  • Restart your PC device as it resolves most of the problems that a standard gaming PC faces.
  • Reset the BIOs settings to basic or default ones. Because many modern-day CPUs have this option of setting their fan speed from the internal startup settings of your gaming PC. When you are doing that, sometimes it completely turns off or runs at a low speed causing the PC to overheat after some time. 

511-CPU fan not detected, but it is spinning:

If your CPU fan is spinning but not detected by the system, it is because of loose wires of your CPU fans attached to the processor. Tighten them to solve this error.

CPU fan spinning but not detected:

Turn off your gaming PC and disconnect everything. Then reconnect all the wires and see if the error is resolved. If it doesn’t get resolved, you can ask a technician to solve it for you because you may not be connecting the wires of your PC correctly; this is an easy fix, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the 511-CPU fan not detected?

Replacing your CPU with a newer version is the perfect solution, as your processor fans are not working. However, other factors should be considered before that, like Reconnecting the wires as they could be loose or rebooting your computer to see if it solves the issue then and there.

How to fix the CPU fan not detected?

You could fix it by reconnecting its wires or replacing it if the fan looks faulty. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to reboot your gaming PC, it solves 50% of the problems a computer faces, but if it doesn’t disappear even after restarting the PC, then you could apply the different options discussed in this guide to fix the problem.

What does 511-CPU fan not detected mean?

This error represents an error in your CPU cooling mechanism: The fans. The fundamental way to get rid of it is to reboot your PC and see if it resolves the issue; if it doesn’t, the cause could be weak or disconnected cables or a fault with your processor fans which soon need to be replaced.

What does a CPU fan not detected mean?

This error means that your processor’s fans are either not working because their cables are disconnected or are found with a permanent fault. And they soon need to be repaired or replaced to fix the potential overheating issue of your gaming PC.

Final verdict:

I hope this guide has helped you to resolve CPU fans not spinning and related issues. I advise you to either repair or replace the CPU fans immediately after you find any fault. The reason for that is that it could overheat your gaming PC and eventually damage the other PC components if you do not fix that issue quickly. You may ask anytime if you have more questions about CPUs or other essential PC components. 

Thanks for reading!