Difference Between Wired And Wireless Mouse

Heard enough discussions about important gaming PC components that will give you an advantage against your opponent in your favourite game. But what about the mouse? The mouse is also an integral part of improving your game, giving you an additional advantage and winning matches you lose from the smallest of margins.

This brings us to the guide: Difference between wired and wireless mouse – Which Is Best for Gaming? Read until the end to understand whether the wired or wireless mouse is better for gaming?

Difference Between Wired and Wireless Mouse – Best One?

A huge difference exists between comparing the two types of a mouse for personal use and gaming. Many professional gamers in 2023 suggest that gamers like wired mice more than wireless mice.

The reason is that they are less expensive than the wireless ones and don’t have those batteries, receivers and other little parts. So because of these little hurdles of batteries which could even run out during your favourite gameplay, it is also expensive, nearly double the price of a wired mouse.

Detailed guide: Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse – Which Is Best for Gaming?

In earlier times, there was no discussion about wireless or wired mouse, which is better. However, in 2023, these discussions came forward due to advancements in technology and mouse manufacturers who have provided choices for customers to have a better quality wireless mouse.

Not only that, but they are giving reasons to choose it over the wired mouse, which has been a classic and traditional option for most gamers for many years. Read more: How important is a mouse pad for gaming?

we have SO many options available in 2023. Gone are the days when people didn’t even consider using a wireless mouse for gaming. Now, we understand the importance of latency and how it can make all the difference in improving your game and winning competitions like a pro.

So, whether you’re a fan of wireless or wired, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of the best wireless gaming mice and the best wired gaming mice available in the market today. So, get ready to say goodbye to mediocre gaming gear and hello to the ultimate gaming mouse for your setup. Game on!

We will also discuss the latency of the mouse and how important it is for modern-day games like Fortnite and other FPS games that people like to play in 2023. Topic related to wired vs wireless mouse latency is also covered.

The best company that provides wireless and wired mice is Logitech, which has made a name for itself in the gamer community. It has all the qualities required in the gaming mouse, like having the best latency, speed, and performance, improving with each passing year.

The difference between wired and wireless mice came into a discussion when Logitech introduced their G900 Chaos Spectrum model in 2016 as the best wireless mouse to complete the wired mice.

Technology has improved greatly since that time, and many mouse manufacturers have introduced models like Razer Viper, Corsair Harpoon, Logitech and so on. From that year to 2023, the discussion still happens about which one is best for gaming, as minor wireless problems are resolved now, and the performance is nearly the same for both.

 But remember that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so keeping that in mind you have to decide for yourself. Let us discuss a few pros and cons of the wired and wireless mice, which you can consider to choose the best gaming experience in 2023. Read more: What mouse DPI should I use for FPS gaming?

Pros and Cons of Wireless Mouse:


An enhanced gaming experience as you can move the mouse anywhere around the desk as it doesn’t have any wires, and the difference between the performance of both is nearly similar thanks to recent technological advancements. As long as latency is concerned, it is way better now if you choose the latest model as compared to before, when latency and lag of the mouse were an issue in the case of a wireless one.

Modern wireless mice have a good range by which you can connect them to the TV and use it from sitting far away on the sofa. You can use them when you are travelling because it has no wires and could be easier to use.


A bit on the expensive side than that of a wired mouse. Almost double the price of the wired mouse, Bluetooth connectivity issues, and battery issues. Imagine your battery running out in the middle of your favourite FPS game; it will be irritating, right? Other than that, if a part of your mouse gets a fault, it is more expensive to repair than a wired mouse.

Another con of having a wireless mouse is that it has batteries, so the weight of the batteries, as well as other components which help to make it wireless, have their weight, so they are a bit heavier. Though you may not feel much difference, if you have both mice side by side, you will feel the difference claims professional gamers.

A signal interference could cost you a game when it is in a sensitive position, and you could lose the signals of your mouse even after having the best technology in high-end wireless mice.

Pros and Cons of Wired Mouse:


It has a great latency that helps you play your favourite game without lag. Very affordable, available at half of the cost of a wireless mouse which is extremely good. Easily repairable at less price. No issues with batteries or additional components, and it has a lighter weight than a wireless mouse which makes your gaming experience great.


If you are a traveller, it may be an issue for you as it becomes difficult to carry a wired mouse. If you want to play games from far away, wires can only go so far; in that case, you may want to prefer a wireless mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wired or wireless mouse better for gaming?

It depends on one’s preference; both have pros and cons. A quality wireless mouse is a little more expensive than the wired one, but the wireless mouse gives you the freedom to move it all around the desk. On the other hand, a wired mouse is more responsive than a wireless one as it is directly connected to the system.

However, nowadays, the response rate for wireless mice has also improved, so it would depend on whether you want to spend more on a mouse or less. However, professional gamers worldwide still suggest having a quality wired mouse because it gives them good latency to work with and better speed and performance.

We, as normal gamers, may not feel much difference, but then you can rely on the observation of a professional gamer and choose a wired mouse in 2022 for gaming.

Final words:

This ends this guide: Difference between wired and wireless mouse – Which Is Best for Gaming? And I’ve tried to explain every point regarding this. If you have any other questions about the wired or wireless mouse for gaming or if you want to share your experience of what you prefer, you may always contact us; we will update it in this article as well so that information helps others as well.

Thanks for reading!