Does RAM affect FPS Fortnite?

A person fond of playing games has heard of Fortnite, and if you are a mid-level gamer, you would have played it as well. If you are a pro-gamer or willing to be one and want to improve your game in Fortnite, then you would’ve heard about the importance of increasing your System’s speed, which could help you win matches and improve the performance of your game significantly. And to increase the speed, you require an updated RAM in your System, so this guide is about: Does RAM affect FPS Fortnite? And how much RAM for Fortnite PC.

Does RAM affect FPS Fortnite?

FPS is a short form for frames per second that measures the full screen shown per second in a game. As long as the connection between RAM and FPS is concerned in a Fortnite game, the main memory (RAM) stores short-term data that directly influences FPS, so the more RAM you have, the more FPS you will be able to get through it. That will help you to play Fortnite efficiently.

Does RAM affect FPS Fortnite? Detailed Guide:

RAM affects the FPS in Fortnite; let’s learn more about it in this guide, which has several points to help you!

How does RAM affect gaming Performance?

RAM is one of the most important features of your gaming computer, and it produces fast speeds for your computer to operate. It is a short-term memory for web pages, OS services and the games you love to play in 2022.

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RAM helps your processor get slower if a new task is opened on your PC. To play your favourite game with ease, you need to pick the rig with the right memory size as well as the reputation of the manufacturer to make sure it works for 2-3 years at least, as you won’t want to change it every other month.

Importance of RAM in Playing Games in 2022:

If you have the correct rig size as recommended by the games in 2022, you will surely experience some boost in the performance of your favourite game or its new version compared to the previous rig you had.

But you need to choose between upgrading a GPU, CPU, motherboard and RAM to pick one if you have a tight budget to upgrade something that enhances your gaming experience. If you already have RAM of 8 GB or 16 GB and you have money to spend, then you should go for a processor upgrade or a GPU upgrade, as this much RAM is enough for almost any game in 2022 to meet the minimum requirement.

Choose the right RAM as per your PC:

There is a vast variety of RAM sizes and manufacturers available in the market in 2022, so it becomes quite difficult to choose between them. So let me give you some suggestions that will help you choose from DDR4 RAM: A rig generation ranging from 2332 to 2600 MHz of any company from Intel or AMD could be best for you on a tight budget for perfect FPS in your favourite game Fortnite.

RAM Speed vs. Size: Which is More Important in Gaming?

When you have a tight budget to upgrade your gaming PC, you should prefer the size rather than the speed for gaming. Although you have a good budget, both will be required for an ultimate gaming experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does RAM increase FPS in Fortnite?

With a faster RAM, the loading time and lag time decrease significantly, resulting in special effects in your game. To run your favourite game smoothly, in this case, Fortnite, you must look for recommended RAM for that particular game that will also improve the frames per second (FPS).

Does RAM affect Fortnite?

Whenever you plan to play a game or install it, check the recommended RAM for that game. For Fortnite, the recommended RAM would be written on its cover page or website. If you use less than that, your game will be slower in performance; however, if you use more than recommended, it won’t make it faster. Say if Fortnite requires 8 GB RAM, then 12 or 16 or 32 GB won’t make it more quickly. It applies to every game you play in 2022.

Does RAM affect FPS?

RAM is directly proportional to the frames per second. As the RAM stores short-term memory, having more RAM would lead to faster frame rates per second. Hence proved, yes, RAM does affect FPS.

How much RAM does Fortnite use?

Not only the RAM, but you need to consider the generation of your PC and the processor for the ultimate gaming experience in Fortnite. You must pick a minimum of Core i5 2.8 GHz with 8 GB RAM or more (ideally more). A 2GB graphics card for a great display, a recommendation here would be AMD Radeon HD 7870, NVidia GTX 660 or an equivalent video card.

Can 16 GB RAM run Fortnite?

For playing a game, it is extremely important to pick the right RAM because, with less memory, you won’t be able to play that game easily, creating lags that will irritate you in gameplay. As long as Fortnite is concerned, it is a heavy game so you would require good RAM for it, and 16 GB is enough to run Fortnite. However, you may need to upgrade later if you feel you need more speed and performance out of your game.

How much FPS does 16 GB RAM give?

Most of the games in 2022 recommend 8 GB RAM to play smoothly. Hence for better frame rates, 8 GB RAM would be enough; however, if you have more of it, it will keep improving the frame rates per second, giving you a faster transition in your game which offers a more pleasant feeling while playing a game. 16 GB RAM would make a significant difference if you previously used 8 GB RAM or less.

Does RAM affect fps in Minecraft?

It depends on how much RAM you already have; if you have less than recommended, then you must be experiencing lags in your game. So increasing your RAM size would increase FPS in Minecraft. However, if you already have recommended memory as per the Minecraft website, then expanding the RAM would only give you a certain level of improvement.

After that point, you will feel no difference in FPS. So overspending is not worth it; only spend as much as your favourite game requires. 16 GB is the optimal RAM size for almost any game you play.


This ends our guide: Does RAM affect FPS Fortnite? And I hope you got your answers regarding RAM and will you be able to play the Fortnite game on the specifications that your System currently has in 2022. Ask us if you have more questions regarding any computer component or a specific game you would like to play on your System.

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