Does The Motherboard Chipset Matter?

While building a gaming PC, various things cater to our minds. The most important ones are: which gaming motherboard should I choose? Which RAM to pick? Which CPU and GPU to consider while building a budgeted gaming computer in 2022? But you also should know that when combined, each of these components should be compatible. It brings us to our guide: Does the motherboard chipset matter? The short answer to that is yes, it does matter and I will explain it to you why. Let’s get into the details, so read till the end to understand why it’s necessary.

What is a chipset on a motherboard?

A chipset is integrated into the motherboard, which works on certain processor generations. There are different chipset types, and one needs to be matched with the CPU attached to the motherboard. It plays a role in communication between storage/expansion devices and the processor. Learn about What Motherboard Should I Get For Gaming?

Motherboard chipset comparison:

Comparing a motherboard’s chipset is only wise if you are picking the suitable processor with it. Otherwise, comparing it won’t make much difference, as they need to be compatible. If both the motherboard and processor are not compatible, then firstly, your PC won’t start. If it does, then it will cause problems with other gaming PC parts involved.

You can compare different brands if you are looking to buy a new board for your PC in 2022. Or, if you are building a gaming PC from scratch, then comparing the brands could be helpful. Remember that the most reliable brands have been Intel and AMD for many years. Gigabyte, ASRock, and other related brands have arrived lately, especially for gaming PCs. You could also consider them if they have any offers on websites of that specific brand you like.

If you get a good deal with Intel, I suggest you go with it. I mean Intel because I have used this brand for over fourteen years, and it has never disappointed me. It hardly causes any problems as I have used several high-end software on it. As well as playing heavy games on a PC built with Intel components has never caused a problem. Even when I asked my friends about it, all had an excellent experience. 

In a gaming computer, there is a correlation between all the attached components. If you select the correct parts for your gaming PC, they will all give you a good experience combined. They will work as a team and give you an amazing gaming experience such that you never experienced before while gaming. If you only pick an expensive motherboard and a CPU and buy a cheap rig, this may backfire on you. So while building a gaming computer, ensure all parts perform together to give the best results.

Although having a variety of options is good, it also is confusing at the same time. So I suggest you stick to the basics and build a good gaming PC with an accurate budget. For this, I have plenty of guides available on our website:, that will guide you to make wise choices. Let us now move to the importance of drivers in the motherboard:

The important motherboard chipset drivers:

To check for the motherboard drivers, you must keep yourself updated by visiting your manufacturer’s website often. If the drivers are out of date, make sure you install the latest version very soon because only then will you get the maximum results. Outdated drivers may also cause your PC to slow down, making other attached components slow and age quickly.

The chipset in a laptop¬†can’t be checked as quickly as it can be done on a desktop. So you should consult a technician before opening up your computer. It is written on your laptop’s box about every detail of your computer. Or you could check it from inside the PC settings. While replacing It, you can ask the seller to match the correct chipset as per your current CPU and fix it.¬†Learn about the Motherboard Matter For Gaming or not?

What chipset do I need?

There are various choices of chipsets in the market currently, as there’s plenty of variety of brands in 2022. However, if you are looking for the most trendy options of Intel or AMD brands, then you could choose X399 for AMD and X299 for Intel. You could also decide on Core X or Thread Ripper brands, as they are considered wise options by gamers worldwide.

Kindly check the compatibility of your processor, the motherboard you are picking, and vice versa. If they do not match each other, it could acutely damage your computer components. They both must be compared with each other to give the best results. The compatibility can be checked on the official website of the chosen brand of specific component for your gaming PC. The best ones going from decades are Intel and AMD. However, you can pick some new ones too with the best offers.

Chipset types

For beginners, different chipsets are challenging to understand, so let us break them into three categories that will help you differentiate between them: Those that use hub links for connection or the 8xx series. The 2nd one requires a PCI bus for connection, commonly known as the 4xx series. The 3rd category uses PCIe express slots, which is the 9xx series.

Does the chipset matter for RAM?


The chipset doesn’t matter for RAM directly, but you can say it does indirectly. The reason I say that is because the RAM is affected by the CPU’s and the processor’s performance by the motherboard chipset. If the CPU and motherboard’s chipset are compatible, then you will experience a better result with your rig. 


Ending up our guide, so does the motherboard chipset matter? It certainly does, and the details are mentioned in the direction with proper explanation. Without the chipset, your motherboard won’t be compatible with the processor and other attached components like the rig and other components connected in the PCIe slots. 

If you have more queries related to the chipset or any other feature of the motherboard, then you can read other knowledge guides on our site. Feel free to share your experience selecting the right chipset while building your gaming PC in 2022.

Thanks for reading!