GPU Hierarchy 2023: Complete Tier List Order

The importance and activity of the graphic processing units are worthy; it is mainly crucial in gaming, steaming, and all other online video-related aspects. So that you can enhance your graphical display, it is not only beneficial in terms of graphic display but also provides a smooth performance. In this way, you can enjoy your routine task more excellently. Read more about How Long Do Graphics Cards Last?

However, how does your GPU rank in terms of hierarchy? This is a fundamental question. If you are a beginner, you will be new to the field. So, you must be very concise in terms of having a reliable choice.

This is the main point of writing this to you. Here we are going to make your choice factor more accessible and convenient. We will explain GPU hierarchy 2022 to you so you can get a fair idea about its differences and comparison. Read more about Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card?

This concept is too difficult to understand. However, it requires a bit more attention and care. In addition to this, for the better components of your gaming experience, this guide will be very helpful for you.

Let’s explore the details in the section provided next.

GPU Hierarchy 2022


The primary function and need of a graphics card comparison list is to show fine details about all types of graphic units. Through these details, it becomes easy to choose a precise and high in quality GPU for your PC. Read more about GPU making buzzing noise when playing games.

The hierarchy shows the effective working performance of high to low processing units. The primary five categories for GPU hierarchy 2022 are;

  • Master Race
  • Enthusiast
  • High-End
  • Mid-Range
  • Budget Value

The comprehensive information about all these, helps a professional to seek the best budget gaming GPU 2022 for personal activity.

Budget Value

This cost-effective tier for the GPU hierarchy is very valuable for beginners. It provides a reliable working performance and is best for 1080p gaming. The innovation in it also supports the 1440p. Read more about 128-Bit vs 256-Bit GPU | We Explained It.

However, the experts only recommend it for entry-level. GTX 1660, RX570, and 1050 Ti are very popular in this range. These graphic cards need a lot of improvements and are not worth dealing with the current and high pace gaming options.

You can get a satisfactory output from it, but it is insufficient to deal with professional needs. If you are looking for its features, it will only support you in terms of money, as it is the cheapest tier option for GPU hierarchy.


RTX 2060 is one of the most appreciated cards of this tier. In terms of performance, all the options in this category provide high VR performance. Not only this, it will strongly support the visuals of 1080p and 1440p. Read more about GPU vs Graphics Card – A Brief Guide.

It is attempting to make new changes in the interface, but the mid-range GPU is still unreliable for dealing with 4K visuals. However, you can use it for your gaming needs. This plus-point makes it more popular among newcomers.

The GTX 1660 is also very efficient in this category. It has a unique position because it provides the best FPS output. So people make their choice due to these few advantages. Overall the professionals are expecting more significant performance from it.


Regarding the best GPU comparison site, this is the first term that comes up with the support of 4K results. AMD and NVIDIA work in this category and provide various high-edge working systems.

RTX-3070 is a popularly chosen option for it. This is a bit expensive but provides high-edge performance. In terms of price, if you can afford it, go for the RTX-3080 version and above it.

With this graphic card, you will see no graphic issues in your game. It is effective for the following;

  • FPS output
  • 1440p display
  • VR performance
  • High 4K results

All of the options in this category have been expanding their working slowly. There have been various alterations in work. However, in the next four years, experts are up to seeing a more innovative performance from these units.


It is the ideal choice tier for all those who are looking for updated and advanced graphic card options. It is expensive, but the work will be worth your money. The most feasible and high performance option for the enthusiast is AMD RX-6800XT. 

It offers insane features and is highly favorable for professional, enthusiastic gamers. RX-6800XT provides mind-blowing intelligent memory access. However, to see this memory access, you have to pair it up with the 500-series processor of Ryzen.

In terms of performance;

  • It is beneficial for all sorts of 4K gaming.
  • It covers all the resolution issues.
  • It also ensures the best VR performance.

Moreover, it always delivers more than expected. So if you are expanding your money on these units, you will not have to worry about the feedback as results will be obvious throughout your gaming actions.

Master Race

As the name depicts, the master race is the top-tier option for graphic processing units. It covers all the lags and issues of previous categories and delivers an unquestionable performance to the professionals.

RTX 3090 is the utmost option for this tier. Until now, there has been no competition in terms of its performance and features. Apart from the overall performance, the price is a severe concern for the audience. It seeks more than the usual budget and can be considered high in price.

Some users won’t choose it because of the high price tags. However, money and budget are not the primary objectives in front of the performance and result. You will notice that you have spent in the right place when the RTX 3090 is providing you high pace gaming experiences.

In terms of features, you will enjoy:

  • 8K resolutions along with VR performance
  • 1440p at the attainable frequencies of 240Hz as well as 144Hz
  • 3D modeling activities

In terms of all these features, it makes your work even more smooth and more convenient. You can quickly gear up your work with the help of this GPU option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPUs are coming out in 2022?

The experts are working on various new working systems in terms of graphics. Most importantly, AMD has announced that they will launch their highly advanced RDNA-3 Series with even better performance.

What are the levels of GPU?

Different experts divide the GPU into different levels, but it is mainly based on its performance. The levels of GPUs are for performance assurances. So they are divided in terms of highest to lowest ranking for better selection and choice.

Will graphic card prices drop in 2022?

There is a huge possibility that the process of the graphic cards will get back to normal in 2022. The experts have given various statements in terms of the price range. In addition, the reports clearly explain that the prices for AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards are more likely to drop by August.

What is the best GPU in order?

There are various innovative and highly advanced options available in terms of graphic cards. Every brand and company offers high-edge results; however, NVIDIA-GeForce RTX 3090-Ti is a precious option for the best GPU. In addition to this, AMD-Radeon 6900-XT DirectX is also another choice.

The Final Statement

Among all the comparison charts, you must choose a highly reliable option for your gaming PC. You spent your time finding the right choice and paid your money, so after all this, the pick should be considerable enough to support your daily gaming and streaming activities.

In other terms. If we say that the graphics card comparison list is not easy to evaluate, it would not be that wrong.

To cover up the most general facts and suggestions, here we have tried to present a comprehensive GPU hierarchy 2022 so that you can get the most basic idea for your personal choice and experience.