GPU Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Games

Sometimes the computer system releases some sort of weird noise. This noise becomes unbearable, and you won’t be able to enjoy the smoothness of your regular work. For this, you have to go through system components.

There appear to be severe lags and issues which are creating such factors. It mainly occurs due to improper cleaning and clogging perspective. The graphic cards or GPU is most; likely suffer, and the people feel a serious sort of disturbance in the working. Read more about 128-Bit vs 256-Bit GPU | We Explained It.

However, the precise question arises; why does the GPU makes noise when playing games? This question is the central point of concern for writing this set of information. We will present a concise reason for this activity and its solutions.

So that if you are dealing with any of such problems. You can get a satisfactory solution for them. It is also beneficial for you if you can not afford any professional for its solutions, you can make things accurate on your own. Read more about How long do graphics cards last?

Sometimes the fan of the graphic card unit gets clogged due to dust and debris. This clogging becomes the primary reason behind noise creation. To find out the precise cause and its solutions, here we’re going to depict a complete epleantio.

Let’s explore the details below;

Buzzing Sound from GPU When Playing Games


This is one of the most popular and common issues related to the graphic processing unit. It’s not only associated with the graphic units but also equally famous for the power supply unit. The reasons and causes for both situations differ and vary a lot.

Regarding GPU, there are various possible reasons for the buzzing sound. Whenever you notice that the fans of GPU are working on a high volume level, an issue might appear that requires a straightforward solution. Read more about 6 best graphics card for gaming Under 300.

Before making a solution to this problem, you must be clear about its reason at first so that you can get a precise answer as per the reason for the problem.

The significant reasons GPU makes a weird noise when playing games are;

  • Dust and debris elements that are present inside the GPU unit around the fans
  • Heatsinking
  • The abnormal spinning of the fans

Apart from this, the clogging activity further leads to several problems that must be adequately solved within time. Otherwise, it will show the system serious hazards, and you might not be able to deal with all those problematic situations.

The only solution left at that time would be replacing the GPU system, if not the whole PC system. In addition, one essential and console term related to it falls for the Coil Whine. Read more about Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card?

Coil Whine

Coil whine is one of the technical terms that describe this issue in short words. It is a regular activity that is available for the counter system. A system with coil whine does not mean that your system is at risk of fault, but specific changes need to be made to avoid unnecessary sounds and interrupted working.

It most commonly occurs at the time when the system is being operated technically. When the GPU is full of processing, you will notice clear and unwelcoming sounds from its connected components. On a featural basis, the most common element known for creating such sounds includes GPU and Power supply unit.

When the computer system is connected with electric power, this power moves through the wires that directly connect the GPU and the power supply unit. When current passes through these wires and the fans move, it creates an unbearable sound.

This sound is quite alarming for players and professional gamers. Thus it needs to be cured with some acceptable activity over time. This situation will not develop in any case if you have previously cared about the cleaning activity. Read more about What Is A Discrete Graphics Card?

Regular dusting and cleaning will keep all the uncertain and lagging issues away from the gaming experience. So that one can effectively pursue all the needs with the same level of adventure.

How to Solve It?

The most straightforward solution available for these errors is appropriate cleaning. Suppose you notice some unbearable sound from the GPU system. Disconnect its connection from the motherboard as soon as possible.

Open the slab and start cleaning the fans with the help of the regular brush; the brush will reach hard-to-access areas and remove most of the clogged dust from them. Moreover, compressed air can be used and proves highly worthy in obliterating debris.

Once you are sure about the details that all the dust factors have been cleared up, close it precisely. Again place it inside the motherboard. Ensure reliable connection and start seeking the same performance out of it.

In case after thorough cleaning. If it still does not stop creating buzzing sounds, you have to seek professional help to get to the primary cause of the error.

In addition to the thorough cleaning, there are various factors that you can consider that will solve these problems. In case you are dealing with the main noise factor of the GPU, you can have a precise check upon;

  • Adjusting the curves of your fan (Sometimes it might be a source of malfunctioning)
  • Along with the GPU fans, you must consider the cleaning of heatsinks.
  • You can even resolve it was underclocking your GPU

In terms of fans, after the deep, through the dusting of fans, it is good to grease the bearing of fans with some lubricants. This lubricant will make the functioning of the fan and its revolution more delicate and smooth. 

If the problem is still not getting a satisfactory solution even after the cleaning, it is better to replace the heatsink portions. Along with all this, you have to maintain your device accurately. This regular maintenance will help you to enjoy a stable working performance without any lag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my GPU make a buzzing noise when I play games?

The buzzing sound from the GPU is a clear sign that graphics card fans need cleaning activity. A lot of dust and debris has been clogged inside, creating an unbearable perspective for game playing as GPU has the most precise role in gaming. So the buzzing sounds are more evident at the time of your playing action.

Is GPU coil whine normal?

Yes, GPU coil whine is a normal part of the working. It does not specifically mean that your system is at fault. You must go through the steps to make it better for different preferences. In this stance, you can ensure a reliable working performance for your needs.

Why is my GPU making noise?

Coil Whine is one of the primary reasons behind the noise created by the GPU. This sound majorly falls between the electrical wires. Whenever the current passes through it, you will notice apparent noise through it.

The Final Statement

Gaming is a particular activity that needs everything to be accurate. A minor defect and lag in any of the components can affect the overall performance and adventure to a great extent. So you have to make the thing clear every time you start playing.

To maintain the working, you have to make sure that every component has cleaned properly and ensure an excellent working response. In this term, one would have to consider GPU as a priority.

Regarding the issues related to the graphic cards and visual representation, here we tend to provide a most comprehensive point: buzzing sound from GPU when playing games.

We hope that the instructions and guides provided to you must be reliable enough to offer you reliable information to deal with these cogging and noise issues on your own.