How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

Are you a proud owner of a gaming laptop or considering buying one? If so, you might be wondering, “how long do gaming laptops last?” Well, it all depends on several factors you should consider before making your purchase.

When it comes to buying a gaming laptop, there are a plethora of features to consider, such as the display, graphics card, RAM, SSD, motherboard, series, make, model, and variant. However, all of these fancy features will be of no use if your laptop doesn’t last long. Read more: How To Choose A Motherboard For Gaming?

So, how long do gaming laptops last?

The answer depends on the budget of the laptop you purchased. A mid-range gaming laptop could last anywhere between two to three years. On the other hand, if you have invested in a high-end gaming laptop (an expensive one), it could last up to five years.

Here’s a more detailed answer to your question about how long gaming laptops last: this guide will provide information on the lifespan of different laptop brands, factors that could increase or decrease your laptop’s longevity, and tips to extend the life of your gaming laptop. So, let’s dive right in!

The factors that determine


It is the most critical factor, as it generates all the speed of your gaming laptop. If you do not manage your task manager well and you overuse your laptop more than the recommended one, then regularly not following the instructions could decrease your laptop’s overall lifespan. Read more: How to check if motherboard Is Faulty?


The smoother gameplay happens because of your graphics processing unit (GPU), as it manages the graphics performance and video. For modern games of 2022, it is the most critical component of a laptop which should be taken care of. If you go beyond a recommended FPS, it could damage your graphic card and lead to a lesser lifespan of your gaming laptop.


A CPU is the brain of your gaming laptop; if you run games on a bad CPU, there could be unlimited lags which will disturb your gaming experience. To avoid that issue, try to upgrade your laptop to an AMD or Intel processor so that you enjoy your gameplay without any trouble and increase the lifespan of your gaming laptop.

Cooling mechanism in laptop:

When a laptop gets heated because of playing heavy games on it, your laptop’s cooling mechanism helps it cool it down. When your cooling mechanism is damaged, it doesn’t cool the heat, and when your gaming laptop overheats, it starts decreasing its overall performance. Not fixing this issue on time could lead to disastrous results and eventually reduce the life of your gaming laptop.

Software updates:

When you are in the middle of a game, do you remember an option on your screen to upgrade your laptop’s software? And you always click on the not now button to avoid it for now and do it later. The latter never comes, and your software remains outdated for months. This leads to severe issues for your gaming laptop and could majorly decrease your laptop’s life. Read more: Can I move my CPU to a new motherboard?

Upgrading the laptop components:

When a laptop component gets older or starts showing a problem, better replace it before it damages the other parts. We tend to ignore minor issues when they eventually become big ones, and these small mistakes could cause us a significant decrease in the lifespan of our gaming laptop. Better go for an upgrade of laptop components where necessary.

Regular cleaning and maintenance:

Regular cleaning is essential for your gaming laptop as dust can destroy the lifespan of your gaming laptop. So maintain it when it requires maintenance and cleans it regularly so that the overall span of your laptop increases.

How long do gaming laptops’ batteries last?

The battery is the most critical factor in laptops when you compare it with a gaming desktop, and the battery is why people choose laptops over a desktop. The battery’s lifespan plays an integral part in the durability of your gaming laptop. You can get the most out of your computer if you have some excellent charging habits and you do not overcharge your laptop.

This is tricky to manage as the gaming laptops tend to die quickly, even in the middle of your game so make sure you charge the battery timely, and while playing the game, make sure your laptop is plugged in and charging. And when you finish your game, take the plug out as you could also harm the battery by overcharging. Read more: What mouse DPI should I use for FPS gaming?

Following are the questions which are needed to be answered in this detailed guide, and they are:

How long do gaming desktops last?

If you compare them with your gaming laptop, the desktops tend to work 1.5 times more than the gaming laptops.

How long do MSI gaming laptops last?

It usually depends on the user who is using that laptop. It doesn’t necessarily rely on the brand of a gaming laptop that you are using but how you are using it is essential. Some laptops last longer than others, maybe not because of their brand, but people tend to use their machines with care, which is why their durability increases.

How long do ASUS gaming laptops last?

As mentioned in an earlier answer, it depends on the user, but the reputation of the ASUS brand is such that it gives an average of 3-5 years as per hundreds of users of this brand around the world. It is an excellent brand to consider if you are planning to purchase a gaming laptop for yourself and looking for a durable option; ASUS is the one to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a gaming laptop last five years?

Yes, it can last for five years if you have purchased a high-end laptop (an expensive one). The power components in that laptop, the latest build, and new technology will help it to last more than the other laptops, which you can get at a low price. A high-end gaming laptop could serve you over five years but don’t compare it with a gaming desktop; they are way more durable than a laptop.

How long do gaming laptops typically last?

It depends on your usage; most laptops last two to five years. It depends on the price at which you have bought it and how heavily you are using it regularly. If you are asking for a gaming laptop, it depends on various factors that could involve heavy games that you play on it and how much care you keep your gaming laptop. A mid-range budget laptop could give you a life of 2-3 years, and a high budget laptop could give you a time of around 5-6 years.

Do gaming laptops degrade over time?

They degrade over time because of the regular use and the heavy games played on them. From 100%, the performance goes down to 70% (depends on your usage). And then, after some more time, that percentage goes down even further, which leads to poor gaming performance. When the performance of a laptop goes down after some years, you can only play games for a short period, and then you have to restart it to start functioning again, which is quite frustrating.

Are gaming laptops durable?

The build of a gaming laptop is usually more durable than the normal laptops that we use. But when the battery timing is concerned, gaming laptops use more battery to operate than the usual office laptops because of high-end games and continuous usage. Gamers say that you need to be near your power socket to keep charging your laptop if you want to get the most out of the battery; in short: the battery doesn’t last long, but overall the gaming laptops are more robust and durable.

Do gaming laptops overheat?

Of course, the gaming laptops have more work to do in the background to play a heavy game, so it gets overheated. But the other functions of it (for which a gaming laptop is expensive) will take care of the heat and make sure it cools down very soon. This is why you spend extra bucks to get the best gaming laptop so that it doesn’t overheat. A cheap gaming laptop doesn’t have that cooling mechanism which leads it to poor gaming performance later on when it gets heated.

Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

The durability is almost the same as the other laptops. But the difference between them is that a gaming laptop means more speed, more beautiful screen show, and fast components, which helps the trendy 2022 games perform to their fullest. It will also depend on the usage; if you use your gaming laptop more than what the average laptop uses, it will require an upgrade more often.

Final words:

I hope from this guide you got your answer to the question: how long do gaming laptops last? If you have any more questions, you may ask anytime. If you take care of your laptop well and maintain it from time to time, then even your mid-range laptop could serve you well.

Otherwise, keep in mind that a mid-range laptop will help you for two to three years, and an expensive laptop would give you five to six years of usage. We always recommend spending a good amount on a laptop to last longer because it is not a thing you change now and then; it is usually a one-time investment.

Thanks for reading! Read more: What Is The Inside Of A CPU (Processor)?