How Long Do Power Supplies Last?

When building your new gaming PC, one of the essential components you would require to start it is the PSU I-e Power Supply Unit. This component will power up all the other necessary parts of your computer. But one question that came into my mind, which I have explained in this guide: How long do power supplies last?

How Long Do Power Supplies Last?

An ideal period to last for a PSU is four to five years. However, if you are lucky and have maintained your PC correctly and used it with care, it could last up to 9 years. The average of 4-5 years could be decreased if your PC is overstressed for long periods and you do not use it with care. 

Detailed guide: How Long Do Power Supplies Last?


Let us get into the details of this guide, keeping in mind that the average power supply lasts for 4-6 years. It depends on various factors that determine the life of your power supply, which you can apply now and increase its durability significantly. 

The wattage of PSU:

Watts are a significant factor in determining the quality of a power supply. The term peak wattage is what a PSU can provide at its maximum. Now different PSUs have different watts of power; for example, if we pick a 900W peak PSU, then it would give an 800-850W continuous power. 

If your power supply provides continuous and constant power, it gives a stable experience while using your PC. The lack of power or sudden sparks could cause the power to reach the system inconsistently, which could degrade the PSU quicker than expected.

When you buy a PSU, check its rating for continuous wattage as it is an essential factor determining the quality of your power supply. If you are not in the mood to research it extensively, go for the most selling PSU brand in the market in 2022, as people are buying it for a reason.

Quality of your PSU:

As we discussed earlier, it is an essential part of your system which provides power to your system. If you do not focus on its quality, it could eventually damage your entire system, so choosing the right brand and spending the right amount of money is necessary for PSU in 2022. 

One thing to know about its reliability when you are looking to buy a new one is its rating on the platform from where you are purchasing it. The rating should be above 80% for you to consider buying it.

An efficient PSU would give you excellent performance on your gaming PC, and you will enjoy the overall feel of your system because of its power. The better your PC’s overall performance, the better the quality you have.

If the power supply and PC’s efficiency are at a higher rate, the lifespan will also increase. More efficiency means less heat will be generated and less degradation of your computer components as the PC stays cool. A good quality PSU can be purchased in the $50 – $90 range.

Does warranty from the brand determine the quality of the PSU?

People usually confuse quality with warranty which is not an excellent tool to measure. We tend to go for a brand that provides a warranty of 6 years or more because common sense says that if the manufacturer is providing the warranty, it means he must have been providing great quality compared to other competitors. It could be one of the factors in the thinking process, but it is not always the case.

The warranty is a psychological thing provided by the manufacturers for the brand name of their product and for advertising their product. Here are some warranty lengths of most selling PSUs in 2022:

TX series models with Gold efficiency have a 6-7 years warranty, CS, CS-M, and CV series have 2-3 years warranty. AX850 and AX1000 models with Titanium Efficiency give a nine-year warranty, AXE series with Gold or Platinum efficiency gives six years warranty, and many other PSU manufacturers provide an average of 5 years warranty for their power supply unit.

Now there are various options; some are available for less, and some are more expensive. It doesn’t mean that one with less cost or less warranty would be less quality and vice versa. 

Maintain your PSU to increase its lifespan:

Once you have decided which PSU you will purchase for your PC or if you already have one, make sure you clean it timely and correctly. Having dust on it can degrade the component and eventually decrease its lifespan.

If you want an untroubled experience, kindly clean the PSU and other PC components time by time to make sure no dust is there. Some say that computers should be cleaned every 3-4 months, some say 6-8 months, but it is up to your convenience and what suits best for you. At least doing it once in 4 months is my recommendation. 

How long should I keep a power supply?

We suggest changing your power supply every five years because it gets outdated with time, and newer components would give you better system performance. And in 5 years, many technological advancements will be made, so you won’t want to be left behind, use the latest versions of components to keep your PC up to date.

What to do with the old power supply?

The old power supplies are useless if they are not working anymore. It will help if you dispose of them as they are trash now. 

Do power supplies degrade over time?

Over some time, the power supplies get less efficient and eventually stop working after a specific time. The primary causes are over usage, age of PSU, power surges, mechanical stresses, and heat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How often should the power supply be replaced?

It depends from brand to brand, but the average time you should keep in mind considering you deal with it with care, is 4-5 years. Some manufacturers even claim for up to 10 years of warranty, but I recommend that you upgrade it every five years as it is not very expensive. It could damage other components if you run your PC with a faulty power supply.

 How do I know if I need a new power supply?

The first thing is to know when you purchased this PSU because its age will determine whether you should upgrade your power supply or not. The other signs which work as an indicator for you to consider changing the PSU are Sudden crashing of software, sudden blue screen crashes; you hear unknown noises from your PC and unusual power fluctuations. Along with that, you may experience some GPU-intensive programs that do not run at all. The last one is that fans are running, but nothing else starts; these are all signs which give you an indication to upgrade your PSU as soon as possible.

How long do corsair power supplies last?

The power supply durability is normally 3-8 years, but it depends upon the brand and the budget in which you are looking to purchase a PSU. The Corsair power supply lasts anywhere between 5-7 years.

Can I use an old power supply for a new computer?

You can use the old PSU for a new computer only if the pins of the old PSU match with the new motherboard. The modern-day computers have a 23-pin primary power connection, whereas the old ones used to have 20-pin plugs. You could still find some ways to add that old power supply to the new PC, but it is recommended to buy a new one for your new PC. If you still want to add the same PSU because of budget issues, you could buy a converter to help you fix that old power supply into your new system.

How long does a bronze power supply last?

Wise people say to buy the quality, not the brand name/label. The bronze power supply last for 9-10 years, and the Gold power supply lasts for 3-4 years.

Final words:

This guide: How Long Do Power Supplies Last? I probably answered all of your questions regarding PSU and its durability. However, you may ask if you still have questions other than those explained in the FAQs section.

Thanks for reading!