How Much Does A Motherboard Cost?

The motherboard, an essential part of a gaming PC, requires detailed research to buy one, especially for beginners. They have a variety of prices as there are plenty of new manufacturers available in the market these days. If you are also looking for the cost of the motherboard, then you came to the right price. In this guide, I will explain to you how much does a motherboard costs. And also which points you need to remember while buying a motherboard for your gaming PC in 2022.

Choosing the Brand:

It ultimately depends on one’s preference to pick a particular brand and stick with it for a long time. The reason could be the durability, previous experience and recommendations from friends and family members about a specific brand. Hence it depends from person to person, as they mostly like to choose the one they use, like Intel, ASUS, AS Rock etc. You can also choose the most running item in the previous or current year. The trend makes things easier for most buyers as it is purchased by many people globally and rates them as per their experience.

Now, if you are not one of those persons who care about the brand too much, you’ll have broader options while picking the motherboard. The motherboard being the most expensive part of a gaming computer, you should expect it to be a bit more expensive than all the other components in the gaming computer. Now you can choose between picking up a motherboard for high-end games or mediocre games that could be played on an average motherboard in the budgeted range. 

Range of Prices of motherboards in 2022:

The motherboard price could range from between 80 dollars to as much as 500 dollars. The price varies as per your choices, whether you want to build a high-end gaming PC with no budget limit or build a budgeted gaming computer. So once you decide that, an average motherboard would cost you around 150-200$, which could support many top games. Performance wise that motherboard will be great, too, if you merge it with some quality components like CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD. 

Combination of different PC components:

While selecting the correct motherboard, it is always wise to have the right combo of other related components. Because they all work together to help you get the best performance of your PC for gaming when all the components combine, and when you have selected the right combo, they boost the performance 2x and give you a pleasing gaming experience. 

Hence it is essential that you select the right CPU and RAM to boost the speed even further and fully use your motherboard’s power. Kindly check the slots available on your newly purchased motherboard, too, as you would like to have more to attach the components

Make sure that the upgraded motherboard and CPU are compatible:

Having both the motherboard and processor compatible with each other is extremely important. Without being compatible, they won’t be able to perform to their fullest. Or, in some cases, your PC won’t even boot if these are not friendly with each other. Learn about that Motherboard Chipset Matter or not.

If you already have a CPU and are only looking to upgrade your motherboard, check the pins and select the motherboard accordingly. If you are building a PC from scratch, then you need to select the processor that matches the pins and slots of your motherboard. You can also check the compatibility through the websites of the brand you purchase. 

Not selecting the right PC components and those that are not compatible could cause harm to not only the board and processor and related components attached to the board. You could choose the best running combos through recommendations given on the internet for your gaming PC to avoid getting into an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the motherboard?

The cost of the motherboard varies because of different reasons. The first one is the brand that you select. The second is the budget you have set for building your gaming computer. The type of chipset also influences the prices of different motherboards in the market.

How much does it cost to replace the motherboard?

The average cost for replacing a motherboard comes out to be 250-500 dollars. The reason is that inflation has made all the components much more expensive than before. Earlier last year, you could have kept the range from 200-400 dollars but not anymore. Hence the 250-500$ range is for you, and now you need to decide if you are building a high-end PC or a budgeted one.

Is it worth it to replace a motherboard?

It is only recommended to replace a motherboard if it is physically damaged or not performing well for newly released games. Otherwise, the motherboard could last for as long as a decade, so changing it frequently is not recommended because it is a waste of money. You could choose to upgrade other components if you have more money and the board is not damaged.

Are motherboards expensive?

Unlike many other gaming PC components, motherboards are the most expensive parts of a PC. If you ever find a cheap motherboard, it could be because of cheap capacitors, but they won’t last much longer. Hence spending the right amount on a motherboard is essential. A proper motherboard would have robust constructions and more layers to protect it from external sparks. 


The motherboard, an essential component for your gaming PC, requires a lot of research and knowledge. Even if you are upgrading your board, you must be doing it after so many years as the motherboard lasts for so long. Hence, it is essential to update yourself with the latest technology and trends—also the power required by high-end games to perform efficiently. 

I hope this guide helped you in this regard, and if you feel you have more queries related to the motherboard or any other part of a gaming PC for an efficient gaming experience, do ask. Make sure you find a capable motherboard for your gaming Pc, as it will enhance the performance of all the related components. And with that, you will gain more boost in performance while gaming, so best wishes in building your gaming PC in 2022.

Thanks for reading!