How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming and Streaming?

Nowadays people who are good at gaming are looking to stream their gameplay for views and even generate some earnings from that gameplay. The idea comes by looking around social media where people are actually just streaming their gameplay, and without much effort, they can generate some quick bucks from it.

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This idea is in the mind of several young individuals now who are willing to share their gameplay through streaming for either entertainment or to earn some fame through social media platforms. For this purpose of streaming, one has a question: how much RAM do I need for gaming and streaming?

Most people invest in CPUs, and GPUs to upgrade them to the latest model to gain more speed for their gaming. But to their knowledge, RAM also plays an integral part in the gameplay, particularly in streaming. So those who have a question in mind that more RAM will help with gaming and streaming, the simple answer is yes, it will!

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As we now know that RAM is as important a computer component as GPU while playing a game. We should know that some games work very efficiently in less memory, whereas others take more of a memory to run efficiently. So how much RAM for gaming and streaming is perfect?

How much RAM do I need for gaming and streaming?

Well, to be honest, the more RAM you have, the smoother your process will be.

Especially with streaming, you must have the highest RAM size that you can afford to make your gameplay as well as the streaming smooth and steady. In this guide I will share information about the most asked question which many people ask:

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Let us go in detail:

What is the minimum RAM requirement for gaming and streaming?


The minimum requirement of RAM required for gaming and streaming games that are basic on platforms like YouTube and Facebook is 8 GB. But in many latest games like Fortnite and Pubg, you may require more than 8 GB RAM to run your operation smoothly without any lag.

You should check the basic requirements of the game that you are playing as well as the quality in which you wish to stream it on different platforms. Most people like the gameplay to be of the highest quality, and for that reason, you should look for more than 8 GB if your pocket allows such an upgrade. See, it is all about your budget and your preference. If you want to start with a smaller RAM first and then upgrade to a newer and higher one, then 8 GB is fine. But if you want to persist with one memory card and want to make a one-time long term investment, then you should go for either 16 or 32 GB RAM.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming and Streaming is a question in every person’s mouth which is new in streaming the gameplay. I have my say on this in the next paragraph.

If you ask me, what I would prefer from 16 GB or 32 GB RAM streaming latest trending games, I would say 16 GB. A 16 GB RAM is the most appropriate option for you if you are looking to make a long term investment for yourself to save yourself from additional expenses in the future.

How much RAM does Streamlabs use?

It usually requires as much memory as it would take to play a game. For example if you require 8GB RAM to gaming like Fortnite, streamlabs will require the same speed for it to operate. So you will have to install a RAM of 16 GB or above for smooth running of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM do I need for streaming Netflix?

Well, it completely depends on the number of tasks you are going to perform on your computer while streaming Netflix. If you are only streaming Netflix and not engaging your system for any other tasks in the background, then 8 GB should be a good option for you; even 4 GB would work if your only purpose for using your system is streaming Netflix. Otherwise 8 GB is ideal if you will do other tasks on your system as well.

Is 8 GB RAM enough for streaming movies

You should have the minimum requirement in 2022 for streaming movies. As people use 4GB and think that it is the minimum requirement, but the time has changed, now you require at least 8 GB for streaming movies. It should be enough for you if you are not doing extensive use while streaming movies and just sticking to one task at a time.

Is 16 GB RAM enough for gaming and streaming?

It is usually a perfect RAM size for gaming and streaming. It is above 8 GB which is considered to be a minimum for streaming of gameplay. It is considered to be an ideal size for gaming as well as streaming. Most of the games which are new in the market should run perfectly on high quality be it 720, 1080p works best on 16 GB RAM.

How much RAM does OBS use?

Well, it usually uses 4 GB RAM as a minimum, but you should consider upgrading yourself to at least 8 GB for better performance. It has a very un-optimized RAM usage. For using this program, you may need a lot of RAM for streaming as well as screen-casting. However, OBS doesn’t have a bad reputation as well.

Final words:

My final words on the most asked question about RAM: How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming and Streaming? It entirely depends on your preference and the game you are going to play, and it also depends upon the stream time and the system you possess. But in short, you would require anywhere from 8GB RAM (consider a minimum) to 32 GB for high-quality performance. However, 16 GB for most games and streaming purposes is an ideal memory size for you to have.