How To Build A Gaming PC Step By Step

Building a gaming PC can be a luxury and a necessity for some people. But overall, it is a fantastic experience to build a gaming PC from scratch. Mainly the kids demand their parents or siblings to help them make a gaming computer of their choice.

But for some adults, it is a fun factor as they look to play high-end games with their friends or online. No matter what age group you belong to, let me guide you in this article on how to build a gaming PC step by step in 2022. Check out How To Keep Your PC Cool While Gaming?

How to build a gaming pc step by step

Building a gaming PC is not an easy task to do, especially if you are a beginner. You must know all the essential components required to create a gaming PC and ensure you don’t miss an important part before starting to build up. The components are Motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU, SSD/HDD, and processor. (View On Amazon) Please read our detailed answer to understand how to build a gaming PC step by step.

Step by step guide on building a gaming Pc:

Building a gaming Pc is fun as it brings great joy in the process and learning. You learn about technological advancements and different computer components if you are a beginner. Whether you’re building a gaming Pc for yourself, your child, or your friend, this experience is fantastic. The learning process allows you to set up a gaming Pc by yourself by following the advice of senior gamers and assembly technicians.

If you are not confident enough to build the PC on your own and think that you may make a significant mistake while doing so and damage some expensive computer components in the process. In that case, you could hire a technician to help you in this process. Read more about $300 gaming PC build.

However, I recommend you to build it by yourself by following this guide: How to build a gaming Pc step by step. And if you think it is difficult for you to understand steps in wording, then you could also use the guide: how to build a Pc step-by-step with pictures for your convenience.

Let us now move to the central detailed part of this guide: how to build a gaming pc step-by-step for beginners. You need to know the parts required to build a gaming Pc. So let us learn about the names of those essential components first.

What do you need to build a PC?

You need a case first, in which you will add all the components. The first component that you would add to your case is the motherboard. The primary component without which the other dependent components won’t work. The other necessary components are a processor, video card, compatible power supply unit, random access memory, and storage devices for installing games and other essential software.

How to build a gaming PC 2022:

You can do the best gaming PC build in 2022 if you concentrate on the basics. And the basics are to choose the components wisely and make sure they are compatible with each other. We often mistake selecting parts that do not match one another in terms of configuration. So we need to make sure that whatever we are looking to buy matches the other necessary components.

The primary component is the motherboard which could be compatible with the processor, graphics card, and other necessary components. Once you have chosen the correct modern motherboard for your gaming PC in 2022 with multiple slots to add memory and other components. It is essential to select a suitable processor as it will add value to gaming and the speed your PC will use.

Then you look for a modern graphics card that will provide value in a display that will further enhance your gaming experience. A better graphics card will give you a premium feel while playing your favourite game.

Then you need to look for the best power supply unit, which provides power to the computer. Spend the right amount on it, as damage to the power supply could cause multiple injuries to your gaming computer. Then we come to RAM, which should be above 8 GB; we recommend you to go for 16 GB or up. The reason for putting more RAM is there will be no lags in your games or streaming.

After RAM, it is now time to pick a suitable storage device for yourself. You could try a combination of SSD and HDD cards. You could attach both of them for more storage, like picking 516 GB SSD (View On Amazon) and 1 TB HDD or anything more than that if you can afford it.

These were all the essential components required but let me share one important thing, the price. The price will depend on the initial budget that you set. You could build a decent gaming PC in the $1000 range (View on Amazon) or could push it to 3000-4000 dollars. It all depends on you, your preference, and of course, the games you would like to play on that PC. So once you decide that, things become easier for you, and you choose the components in that price bracket.

TIP: Spend more on RAM and motherboard as they will provide good value in your gaming.

You need to know that a customised or building PC from scratch is way better than a pre-built gaming PC.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Built gaming PC:


  • Cheaper Price.
  • Buy and use, the best option for beginners who do not know much about the PC components for gaming.
  • Many PCs are available in the market on a sale or an offer from the manufacturer.
  • Comes per your budget; even if you want a high-end pre-built PC, the option is available.


  • Unable to customise gaming peripherals as per our choice.
  • Unable to upgrade it in the future when new upgrades are available for high-end gaming.

Pros and Cons of Customised Gaming PC:


  • Lots of options to upgrade as per your choice.
  • Upgrades of PC components are available.
  • Future games that require RAM and other components can be added as per requirement.
  • Top high-end games can be played on a customised PC if you spend a good amount of money on it.
  • You get many offers from suppliers if you buy components in bulk.


  • A bit expensive if you compare it with a pre-built gaming PC.
  • Not worth it if you are a beginner and do not know much about PC components as you could damage them while trying to assemble the PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start building a gaming computer?

The fundamental part of a gaming PC you should start with is its case. The other elements that will fit the case are CPU, GPU, PSU, motherboard, RAM, cooling system, storage chips, and gaming peripherals.

Is it cheaper to build a PC?

Building a gaming PC is an expensive option compared to pre-build gaming machines. However, buying the essential components of a gaming PC in bulk could save some amount from sales. And also, in the long term, your investment is worth it if you build a gaming PC from scratch.

Is a gaming PC hard to build?

It is a little hard to start with for beginners but more manageable than you think. Suppose you follow the correct steps in the knowledge guides or other video sources if you want to learn that way. You can get various tips and tricks from the veteran builders of gaming PCs worldwide.

How do you build a PC step by step?

The computer assembly steps are as follows: First, you open the screws of the case. Then fit in the motherboard, the primary component, and screw its board correctly. Then insert gaming CPU, install a gaming CPU cooler (liquid or Air Cooler), install PSU and mount the RAM in the case. After that, install the graphics card and mount storage drives.

Final verdict:

Do let us know if this guide: How to build a gaming PC step by step added value in terms of increasing your knowledge about the buildup of gaming PCs. If you want to read more knowledge guides or have technical questions about gaming computers and their components, visit our website: It has many extensive guides which will help you choose the best feature in 2022 as per your requirement and the model of your gaming computer.

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