How To Keep Your PC Cool While Gaming?

Being a regular gamer and keeping the PC open for hours and days, you must have experienced overheating in the PC. So how to keep your PC cool while gaming? I will explain it to you in this guide, so read till the end to learn valuable information regarding this topic.

How to keep your PC cool while gaming

Some ways should be followed commonly that will keep your PC cool while playing intensive games in 2022. These ways are: frequently cleaning your PC components and fans, checking the air vents to keep the ventilation going, and cooling down your device manually by putting it in an AC room or below a fan. Check your PC’s thermal paste, and apply it if you see it fading; use some external fans close to your computer to keep it cool, close all the programs, and reboot after using it for a longer period.

Detailed guide: How to keep your PC cool while gaming

Usually, there are some obvious signs when your PC starts to overheat. The fans begin to make more noise than usual, the PC feels hot, just like lava, and there are unusual sudden lags and screen freezes. All these are signs of overheating your PC; now the question is how to cool it down? Because if you don’t find a way to cool it down, it will cause severe problems like damaging the other related components, which are expensive to upgrade. 

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All the electronic devices do overheat, and so does a gaming PC; there are a few tricks and tips that you could follow to cool down your gaming PC and the other electronic devices at your home. I believe that you are using a PC with fewer specifications, and you are using it for high-end games, which could be causing a problem. But let us go ahead with this guide to help you understand the primary reason in your case.

Some common problems which cause overheating in gaming PC in 2022:


You are running more applications than necessary on your PC, and browser tabs and other related applications remain open even when they are not in use. Old fans are not replaced for an extended period. These fans could be slowed down and not running correctly and are needed to be returned to cool down your PC quickly.

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Software in your PC is outdated, which causes these problems of overheating running components in the computer. Viruses that need to be controlled with antivirus. Obsolete necessary components like GPU, PSU, and RAM. Continuous dust on your gaming PC components which have not been cleaned for a long time.

PC overheating fix is straightforward, following the methods given to you in this article, so focus on those critical points so that you don’t miss out on any.

Cool down your PC from overheating in 2022:

Once you understand the primary problem of overheating of your PC, then you can quickly resolve it using one of the following methods or a combo of a few of them, depending on your situation. So let us get started:

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Clean the PC components:

Cleaning your PC components could result in cooling down your PC as dust tends to create a blockage, causing your computer to overheat unnecessarily. It impacts the performance and ventilation in your PC as well. You must clean your PC components every 4-6 months and in less time than that if your computer is close to a dusty area.

Increase ventilation to improve the airflow:

This one is obvious; if your PC has good ventilation, then your PC will cool down quickly. Use a flat surface that gives your CPU enough air when operating. Avoid using pillows or couches to ensure it doesn’t overheat because of the unusual surface. Instead, choose a flat surface with sufficient space over it.

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See the Fans if they need a Repair: 

If your fans are not working fine and causing a lot of noise, they require a repair. If not repairable, replace them because there is no alternative. 

The Thermal Paste:

Check if the thermal paste is still there or removed by excessive use of your PC components. If it is removed, then reapply it as a heat-conductive material that keeps your gaming computer cool while performing high-end tasks. If you use your PC more than usual, this thermal paste helps you cool it down if the other components fail to cool it down.

This is the most effective method, especially for the older PCs, as their other parts are damaged, which help to cool down the PC and are dusty. If you are not familiar with the thermal paste, get an expert to apply it for you because using it in the wrong place could also cause a problem, to get a technician to help you out in this regard.

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Apply external cooling mechanism:

If the integrated fans do not work correctly, you can also apply external fans as they are fast and more practical, especially if you are playing high-end games on your PC. Gamers tend to use external fans because they know they are getting the most out of their computer so that it will heat eventually; in that case, the external cooling system helps to cool it down.

Check if there is any Physical Damage:

Physical damage to your gaming PC components could also cause a problem of overheating, as those damaged components may not be working correctly. So if there is any physical damage, fix it immediately or change that physically damaged component.

Close unnecessary applications:

We have a habit of opening some APPs, not closing them, and they keep running in the background. This causes a severe issue as the memory and speed of the PC are used continuously, causing the PC to overheat when you start to play a game or use it for a heavy task.

Optimise your gaming PC components:

If you are performing high-end tasks on your PC or are playing trendy games of 2022 and your PC is older, it could cause a problem of overheating. The reason for that is old PC components with which the newer games are not compatible. Use high-end features and upgrade them with time to ensure they are the latest in updates and consistent with the games you plan to play in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the laptop get hot when gaming?

There are specific apparent reasons why your laptop is overheating. First, you need to know about the types of internal and external graphics (commonly known as dedicated graphics). Because the dedicated graphics are heavier, they cause more heat in your laptop because you probably are overburdening your laptop by playing high-end games. Some intense and high-end games are to be played on an expensive laptop with upgraded and latest components. So the primary cause of your laptop overheating is dedicated or external graphics which need to be changed or upgraded if you are playing high-end games.

What causes the computer to overheat?

Every computer has cooling mechanisms in the form of ventilation and fans. If those functions are not working correctly, it will cause your PC to heat more than usual. The other responsible elements could be a bad power cable, dust in your computer which is not been cleaned for an extended period, or an outdated hard drive.

Is it normal for a PC to get hot?

It is normal for a PC to get hot if you are playing intensive games, but it should cool down after some time. If your PC is not cooling down on time, then a problem must be resolved before it causes a bigger pain. Overheating causes your laptop problems that could damage important gaming PC components like graphics card, GPU, power supply, RAM, or motherboard. This could be a costly fix in the future if not resolved quickly.

How to keep the computer cool while gaming?

There are some obvious ways to keep your PC cool that many people worldwide do not follow. These ways are: keeping your gaming laptop in a more relaxed place, around a window or below a fan. Give your PC some breathing space as suffocation doesn’t only impact humans but also machines. Clean the computer components and fans that play a vital role in cooling down your computer when it starts to overheat. Upgrade the CPU fan frequently if your PC usage is more than an average person’s, and also check the power supply fan to see if it is functioning correctly to give enough cooling to the computer.

What are overheating CPU symptoms?

A prolonged performance, the loud noise of cooling fans in the CPU, and random shutdowns of your computer are a few of the symptoms of overheating of the processor.

Final words:

I hope this guide: How to keep your pc cool while gaming has helped you understand the reasons for overheating your gaming desktop. If you have more queries regarding computer overheating or anything else related to gaming PC components, then do ask.

Thank you for reading!