Is HDR Worth It For Gaming PS5?

As avid fans of the PS5, we’ve been enjoying our favourite games on it since its release. But the big question on our minds is: Is HDR worth it for gaming on the PS5? Let’s discuss this burning topic and give you our take on it. So, buckle up and read on till the very end to get the lowdown!

Is HDR worth it for gaming PS5?

Previous game versions didn’t have much compared to the new ones in 2023. The colours, as well as luminosity, have increased significantly for better performance of the game and better user experience. As long as the HDR is concerned, it either wouldn’t affect the gaming or may negatively affect it.

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Detailed guide: Is HDR worth it for gaming PS5?


If you are a gamer, you must have been familiar with the term HDR; it stands for the high-dynamic range, which was expensive when it came into the scene. But in 2023, as many technological advancements were made, HDR became available for an average user.

It was expensive before because of new technology and less demand, resulting in expensive manufacturing costs. But as it became more common, the demand increased, and bulk manufacturing meant less expenditure on materials and availability at a reasonable price for customers.

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Is it worth your investment?

The contrast between dark and light areas is increased through HDR, enhances the appearance of display colours more, and makes light coming from the monitor more pleasing for gaming. You will experience a real-life experience during gameplay with the help of an HDR monitor.

The result is so tremendous that you will be confused if it is a real-life experience or a virtual experience. Though if you look for a 240 Hz refresh rate with 1ms response in an HDR monitor, it could only be supported by TN panels, so keep that in mind.

However, if you are particularly looking for PS5, you better turn off the function for high-end games because they tend to perform better. You could also adjust the settings as HDR tends to be dull while playing the new games, so as per your experience, you can adjust the settings accordingly.

If you are playing games over 120 FPS, you better turn off this function on PS5 for ultimate gaming performance. A professional gamer verified this statement as you could only get Warzone working with 120FPS having HDR disabled.

Lag due to HDR in PS5:

There used to lag before 2016 due to HDR, but as the technology has advanced, you will see better HDR monitors coming into the market on which you will experience no lags at all. So in 2023, you won’t face this problem.

Speed of High-end games in PS5 due to HDR:

Experiencing lag is one thing, and the game’s speed is another. The pace is related to the frame rates produced, and HDR has the potential to slow down those frame rates, which makes a difference in the speed of the game you play.

Multiple experiments were done on NVidia graphics cards and AMD to check whether it makes a difference with HDR. The performance of both graphics cards was much better with HDR turned off while gaming.

Dark look with HDR on PS5:

The RGB range on your monitor must match the RGB range of your PS5 to solve this problem. You can do that in the following way: If your monitor RGB is set to limit or complete, you need to match it up with your PS5’s RGB.


The PS5 has three options: automatic, default, limited, and full. Once you match the RGB with the monitor, for example, limited on both of the devices, then this problem will be resolved.

HDR looks washed out:

This issue means that the colour saturation needs an adjustment and once you do that, the display will be clear; most likely, it has to do with brightness so balance it out. Another thing which makes HDR look washed out is night mode; if you have it on, this will cause darkness, so turn the night mode off to make it look normal.

Does PS5 apply HDR to all games?

Yes, it automatically updates itself. When you play high-end games, it moves to HDR mode itself. For modern games in 2023, this option is kept automatic, and it remains like that until switching back to the home screen. But there is an inconsistency of support for apps with this option.

PS5 HDR vs. SDR:

You would have a much better experience using HDR for gaming than SDR. The reason for that is that HDR brings more image clarity and real-life experience while gaming on PS5.

PC gaming on 4k HDR TV:

4k HDR TV is the perfect pick for casual gaming as it provides a good gaming experience and gives you real-time visuals of your favourite game.

PS5 games with HDR:

There are plenty of games on PS5 that you can play with HDR in 2023; some of them are: Call of Duty, GTA, and Fortnite.

PS5 HDR 1080p:

You cannot enable HDR on PS5 until the resolutions are 1080p.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PS5 HDR always on or when supported?

You have to choose from the settings which option you want. You could ideally choose an automatic choice, or you can also select turn on for a specific game. So it is up to you whether you want it on or off.

Is HDR better than 4K for gaming?

If we look at them neutrally, both have their qualities, and none is superior to another. The HDR has higher contrast, enormous brightness, and a colour range. However, the 4k has a defined and sharper image. So if you have or are willing to buy either of them, you could choose as per your preference and budget.

Does Netflix on PS5 support HDR?

Netflix on PS5 supports HDR. To stream the HDR, you need to buy a Netflix plan that supports ultra HD streaming, and a device that supports HDR and Netflix together. The gaming consoles are also supported by this function, making it two in one option.

Is HDR worth it for gaming PS5?

For PS5, it is worth it, but if you have more options and a reasonable budget, go for it. In 2023, plenty of monitor options are available, but it is all up to you and your preference. HDR could also negatively affect PS5, so better off to select another competitive gaming monitor than HDR for PS5.

Is HDR bad for gaming?

Dynamic metadata is why HDR on PC is not as good as console HDR.

Is HDR good for a gaming monitor?

It is an excellent choice for gaming because of its low input lag and quick response time. It has a VA panel having a high contract giving you a fantastic gaming experience.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t have local dimming or mini LED light, so they don’t stand out as much as they should because of the absence of these small fringes compared to other gaming monitor options in 2023.

Is it worth having HDR on a monitor?

For a better video quality in gaming on Windows or console, you would experience a better experience with an HDR monitor. But if you are not into gaming and use your PC to stream movies or videos, don’t do it on an HDR monitor. If your PC is set up, particularly for gaming, HDR is a perfect choice for you!

Final words:

In this guide: is HDR worth it for gaming PS5? Every query is covered regarding HDR on PS5 in 2022; however, if you still have any questions, you may ask.

Thanks for reading!