5 Motherboard Components And Their Functions

Learning about motherboards is extremely necessary, especially if your plan is to build any kind of computer system from scratch or with a high budget. The computer motherboards are an integral part of your system, so knowing about its different components, as well as their functions, are necessary to make full use of them. This information will also help you to decide which one to pick for your new type of computer in 2022.

Read it till the end to find out all the motherboard components and their functions that will help you make an informed decision while buying a new one. Read more about how you can you CPU up gradation without changing motherboard. Let’s back to the main topic…

Delivering the best performance is vital for a motherboard because if it doesn’t, the other peripheral components attached to it won’t be able to perform well. Let us first discuss the essential foundation of a computer, which will give you a basic idea of it’s functionality. 

What is a motherboard | Motherboard Components And Their Functions

A motherboard is Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that attaches the necessary desktop computer components. It is a board with which a gaming PC’s principal parts are connected. 

Motherboard Function: 

The modern motherboard attaches all the essential and various components like the brain of the computer called Central Processing Unit, as well as GPU, RAM, and hard drives or hard disks. The parts are either connected directly or through wires, which is the motherboard’s primary function, to get them all along. 

Five components of the motherboard:

Let us now discuss the components of the motherboard which are attached to it, and they are:

  • CPU socket Slots of RAM
  • Expansion slots on the motherboard
  • Connectors of storage devices.
  • Input or output ports.

Parts of the motherboard and its function


The most crucial component attached to the board is a power supply unit (PSU). The PSU gives power to the motherboard, providing sufficient power to other parts attached to it. Then there is the CPU which provides all the commands to our gaming PCs. And also plays an integral role in a PC’s overall performance and speed. 

Now we have a graphics card which plays important role in the computer as well as providing improved display quality. We have RAMs attached to our motherboard, which helps deliver memory to our computer. The RAM includes help in performance boost and functioning of our Windows or IOS.

Expansion slots on the motherboard

There are PCIe slots in which you attach all these components so that they can perform well. A specific motherboard with more PCIe slots is more valuable than the others, especially for gaming purposes where you need a lot of PCI slots (PCI Stands for Peripheral Component) and empty spaces to add more computer hardware components useful for the performance boost of a gaming computer. 

Once you have more slots, especially for adding more RAM, you can play more intensive games. If you are not setting up your PC for gaming, the rig could also help process high-end software. For intensive gaming, a person may require up to 32 GB of the rig. It could be two chips of 16 GB each or four chips of 8 GB each. Using 32 GB chips could give you an additional advantage as now you can move in a limited number of available slots. Learn more about RAM fails that why it happens?

Connectors of storage devices

Another integral part you attach to the motherboard is your SSD card which is a solid-state drive. It allows us to process our computer operations quickly and give us valuable experience. This role used to be completed by HDD before, as SSD came just a couple of decades ago. SSD is much faster and more reliable in gaming and other computer activities like high-end software. If you have a speedy solid-state drive, you will have a fantastic gaming experience and receive a perfect response from your computer while opening and closing it. 

The other part you will attach with your motherboard is GPU, complete form: graphics processing unit. In the modern day, it comes connected with a CPU as the manufacturers give us a combined component to save space on the motherboard. As you have limited slots, this helps, but if you haven’t got it attached to the processor, you will have it separately.

It is of utmost importance as well, and the reason for that is that your screen won’t be operating without a graphics card.

This GPU is due to all the displays you see on your computer screen and the graphics quality. The modern-day graphics card helps you get a whole display experience by increasing the resolutions and giving us a high-definition experience. Read more about faulty Motherboards in this post.

Final word:

While building a cheap gaming computer, a person tends to buy a cheap motherboard. It is hazardous, especially if you want to make a gaming computer. I say it’s difficult because all the other components attached to your motherboard depend entirely on it. If your primary computer part is not of good quality, then the other factors will also not be able to perform to their fullest. 

 The computer motherboard is the main part that usually lasts for around a decade, so if you make an expensive choice but a quality one, that will be your long-term investment. You may be saving a few bucks on buying a cheap gaming motherboard, but to be honest, it will haunt you for so long as it may damage the attached parts with it. Stay cautious while selecting a new motherboard, as it should be compatible with all your connect features. 

Some companies have a good reputation for selling this particular hardware components: Intel, ASUS, Acer, ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI, and Biostar, to name a few. You can read our guides on buying the perfect mobo if you are confused while selecting the correct gaming motherboard and are confused between many options. 

You only have to be clear about the price range and your use, which games you look to play, and which brand you prefer. That brand preference can be yours based on personal experience; if you cannot choose a brand, you will get your help from our guides too. I hope you buy the right one for yourself and give yourself the best experience while gaming in 2022.

Thanks for reading!