Should I Buy A 4k Monitor For Gaming?

Having a monitor is necessary, but having it to enhance your gaming experience is another. A basic necessity could be fulfilled with a basic monitor, but modern-day monitors give you a more pleasant display and enhance your gaming experience. There are different types of monitors in terms of manufacturers, its resolutions, and display size.

Professional gamers have their preference when buying one, so in this guide: Should I buy a 4k monitor for gaming? We will be discussing the best monitor option for you to consider, especially for gaming, and is 4k gaming worth it in 2022.

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Should I buy a 4k monitor for gaming?

If you play games beyond 60 FPS, a monitor with speeds like 120 Hz, 144 Hz, and 240 Hz with a higher refresh rate, a 4k gaming monitor is an excellent option. Though it could get a little more expensive than an ordinary monitor, it’s worth it if you have a handful of money and the investment in the long run.

Detailed guide: Should I buy a 4k monitor for gaming?

The concept of 4k monitors first came into the scene in 2012. But to get one, you had to spend quite a lot because the adapters and other elements were expensive as it was new to the scene. But as the years went by, the rates became reasonable, and 4k Monitor became a valuable option for gamers worldwide. 

Let us first discuss the 4k Monitor:

A 4k monitor is any display that has a 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution. It is commonly termed HD or ultra UD resolution I-e 3,840 x 2,160 with a 16:9 ratio. It is twice as much as a 1080p display with four times its density. This specialty makes the 4k Monitor unique from previous versions and gives a better display experience when playing a game. 

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When the number of pixels on your display is increased, more physical space is created for windows, making you use more screens simultaneously. This screen can be used for work purposes like checking stocks or other spreadsheets and gaming, primarily multiplayer gaming in 2022.

Once you have a 4k monitor, you get increased productivity in your work and better performance in your game if you are a gamer. If you are using your PC for video editing purposes, a 4k monitor will give you extra value for work, and you will start to enjoy the work you do because of quality screen time.

Get the configuration right:

Once you buy a 4k monitor, the icons and everything becomes smaller. To make them the size you want, you need to configure the settings as some applications don’t configure with the ultra HD resolutions.

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Some of the old games do not support HD resolutions. You must drag the game across the display to make it fit the screen. These are little configurations you need to make after upgrading the Monitor. 

Pros of having a 4k Monitor:


It is a sharp image in close-up, with a good quality display while watching TV, playing games, or using it for work. Because it will increase the working or gaming experience.

Movies can be watched on this Monitor with a better film experience.

Better resolutions than previous versions. You can go up to 1440p resolutions with a 4k monitor, which will look fabulous while doing any work or playing games on this display.

Games on a 4k Monitor in 2022:

You can play almost every game released in 2022 on a 4k monitor as the new games are designed so that their graphics and performance are better with high-end monitors. You can also play old games on a 4k monitor, but you need to set a few configurations, which I mentioned earlier in this guide, and once you do that, you can also play those games.

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Multiplayer gaming becomes more fun with a high-end display, excellent resolution, and bigger screen set with a gaming PC. You’ll get great frame rates while playing the top trending games in 2022 with 4k monitors.

When you look to upgrade your Monitor, also consider upgrading the graphics card because it will support the display and make your experience more unique and worthy. If you do not update the graphics card and use a 4k monitor with an older model GPU, then it wouldn’t give as much fun as it could give with a newer model video card. I suggest NVidia RTX 2070 (Amazon) super GPU or similar to that for a perfect 4k monitor experience.

The best 4k gaming monitors in 2022 are Gigabyte M32U, LG 27GP950-B, LG OLED48C1, and Dell S2722QC. 

Advantages of having a powerful processor:

When you upgrade a monitor, there are plenty of things that you should consider. One thing I mentioned earlier was an updated GPU; the other one, which is also important, is having a powerful CPU.

These modern-day games require high power to run and to give you reasonable frame rates and no lag between the gameplay; you would need the latest CPU and a 4k monitor. Heavier games will play more smoothly if their framerates are beyond 60 FPS. Your priority should be a powerful graphics card and then if you have some money left, go for a CPU upgrade for a pleasant gaming experience in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4K better than 1080p for gaming?

It will provide a more user-friendly experience than 1080p as modern games have higher resolution, giving them a more real-time look when we play them.

Should I get a 4K or 2k Monitor for gaming?

It entirely depends on the budget you have to upgrade your PC and the game you are looking to play. The more advanced and heavier Monitor would require a high-end, expensive GPU. If you are playing games below 1080p, 2k Monitor would be okay. But if you want to play games over 1440p resolution, go for a 4k monitor; it would give you a better experience with a quality display. It would be a long-term investment for you as well; like new games, next year will come with more requirements, and if you already have a 4k monitor, you could also play the games introduced in 2023.

Is it worth getting a 4K monitor?

Professional gamers recommend 4k monitors in 2022. Because of their ability to give you a better gaming experience, you would feel a significant difference in your gaming, shifting from a 2k monitor to a 4k Monitor. You would be able to play games at 1440p with more excellent display performance, and of course, you need to have an upgraded video card as well. It is worth your investment in 2022 if you have a reasonable budget for the upgrade.

Does 4K gaming look better on a 1080p monitor?

The jagged edges will disturb you with the 1080p Monitor playing 4k games. You can use a super sampling tool, which would help you run games at 4k or even higher on a 1080p monitor giving you a sharper image for gaming in 2022.

Is 4K overkill for 27 inches?

If you are sitting 2-3 metres from your Monitor, it will look smaller to you. However, it would be fine if you have a vision of 20/20 and your Monitor is only 2 metres away from you. 

Is a 4k monitor worth it for gaming?

4k is for advance-level games in 2022 and expensive too. You may be able to play old games with reasonable frame rates on a standard graphics card, but for 4k Monitor, you may need to upgrade your graphics card as well, so it is an extra expense you need to bear. But if you have a reasonable budget for all the components, then a 4k monitor would make a difference, especially in modern-day games.


I hope this guide: Should I buy a 4k monitor for gaming? It has helped you understand the importance of monitors for gaming, specifically 4k monitors. You may ask if you have any more queries regarding gaming monitors or any other gaming PC component.

Thanks for reading!