Stuttering Issues After Upgrading The Graphics Card

He was a person who loved gaming since childhood, but the situation didn’t let him play at that time. When he grows up, he now has a fund with him to build their gaming PC for themselves. This story is familiar, and it must be your story or similar to that. But things do not stop here, as you now need to keep upgrading your computer to remain up to date with newer games in the market.

In the year 2022, we have so many games that require high specifications to play. And to do that, you need upgraded components like CPU, motherboard, RAM or graphics card. Let’s say a game requires a higher-quality graphics card and you have successfully replaced or upgraded it too. But what are the Stuttering issues after upgrading the graphics card? We will discuss those problems in this guide, so if you are facing these problems, read till the end to figure out the solutions.

Stuttering Issues After Upgrading The Graphics Card

Your gaming PC is stuttering because of the GPU upgrade because the other components are not as per the upgrade of the GPU. You must have installed a high-end graphics card incompatible with your old CPU and motherboard. This may cause the issue, and you may have to upgrade your other components to match the quality of your newly upgraded GPU. Learn about if graphics card is compatible with your motherboard or CPU.

The game stuttered after playing for a while.

There are plenty of issues which may cause the game stuttering issue, and let me name some of them for you: Overheating gaming computers, underpowered CPU and graphics cards, and less competent RAM are a few to name. You can also look at the settings and software updates of your games and system to avoid such issues in the future. And, of course, upgrading all the necessary components as the technology keeps advancing regularly. Read more about how long do graphics cards last?

GPU stuttering constantly:

The constant stuttering of your graphics card occurs when you install a very expensive GPU and pair it up with a less-powered central processing unit. Because there is a significant power gap, you need to upgrade your processor. As per the power of your GPU to fix this problem, in the short term, you can limit your processor’s usage to ensure it meets its total capacity to meet the requirements of your graphics card.

How to fix GPU stuttering?


Following are the ways that you can follow and fix your GPU stuttering issues;

Check your screen resolution and make its settings default. Take into account texture filtering and quality and upgrade the graphics card driver to the latest version. Make sure that there are not many background processes going on which are slowing the speed of your GPU. Last but not least, you can check if your internet is working fine because sometimes the internet causes issues that we ignore and are usually not a big problem. Once you fix the internet issues, your problem will be corrected if it is minor.

RTX 3080 stuttering fix:

To fix the stuttering issue on RTX 3080, you can follow the following steps:

Firstly, upgrade your Microsoft to the latest Windows 11 2022 update. Then lower the gaming frame rates to avoid any issues with GPU. Check for the NVidia fix for the beta version to see if there’s any latest tip available from them. By going through all of it, I’m sure you’ll be able to fix the RTX 3080 stuttering issue.

Update your NVidia drivers regularly:

Always ensure that your NVidia drivers are up to date because sometimes the issue is not big but just outdated drivers. We tend to forget to update the drivers regularly; when time passes and the new update comes, the old one gets slower. Many people tend to update their NVidia drivers on auto to ensure that their drivers are updated automatically. Read more about the comparison between GPU vs Graphics Card – a brief guide.

Some people tend to do it manually only when they are using free internet. Whatever the case, you can choose whether you want to make these updates automatic or manual. Make sure that the drivers are updated whenever the update arrives from NVidia. Read more about is it good to buy a used graphics card?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a stuttering graphics card?

You can fix the stuttering graphics card issues with high FPS by following the steps in the series:
Firstly update your graphics card, then the in-game settings. Lower your screen resolution and turn off the windows game bar to put less burden on the GPU. Change the V-sync state and turn off applications in the background which are running unnecessarily. 

Can GPUs cause micro stuttering?

Some GPUs, such as NVidia and Crossfire X AMD, use alternate frame rendering through inherited micro stuttering. It could also happen to the single GPU systems, if not just those I named above. The effects will ultimately depend upon the driver and application settings which may cause micro stuttering.

Can GPU bottleneck cause the stuttering?

The GPU bottleneck does not cause the stuttering as much as the processor bottleneck may do. You will experience that the frame rate will be significantly lower in that case.

Why is my PC all of a sudden stuttering?

You may have installed or downloaded a program incompatible with your gaming computer. These random freezes and crashes are usually due to an unknown file in your computer system. If you have downloaded a heavy file or game, you must upgrade your specifications to resolve or delete that app.

Final words:

I hope that with the help of this guide: Stuttering issues after upgrading graphics card, you must be aware of the apparent problems and be able to solve them. It is essential to upgrade your gaming PC components, but it is also vital that you make the right choices. 

If you have more queries regarding this particular issue or any other component you want to upgrade for newer games, feel free to ask. Plenty of knowledgeable guides are available on our site, so you can also check them for recommendations and expert opinions on specific topics.

Thanks for reading!