How To Use Two Keyboards On One Computer For Games?

Playing games in multiplayer is always fun as having another friend with you while playing the game gives a better experience and memories. But playing multiplayer games on the desktop can be a little difficult if you have only one console or Keyboard attached, so having a couple of them would help you play better.

So in this guide: how to use two keyboards on one computer for games? I will let you know about the ways through which two monitors, two keyboards, and two mice on one computer can be possible.

How to use two keyboards on one computer for games?

The simplest way is attaching your second mouse or Keyboard to a USB port or through Bluetooth. When windows automatically install necessary drivers, you can use two mice, two keyboards or controllers on one gaming PC simultaneously.

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If you run out of USB ports, you can add an extension that would easily be bought through an online platform at a low price, giving you extra USB slots for adding multiple keyboards/consoles on a single computer.

How to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games. Detailed guide:

If you are a gamer and are constantly playing solo games, then there must be one time on which you would’ve thought of having a multiplayer game with your friend for more fun. Having a friend aside while playing your favourite game is next-level fun. For that reason, one looks for two keyboards on a single PC, and in this article, you will get information.

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It isn’t too difficult to set up two keyboards on the same gaming PC; it’s as simple as plugging in a new Keyboard and starting playing your favourite game then and there. You either need extra USB ports in your PC for attaching another keyboard.

Or you need a Bluetooth device on both your Keyboard (if it is wireless) and on your gaming PC to connect it through Bluetooth. Once you connect the second Keyboard, your gaming PC will install the necessary drivers and make it possible for you to use both of them on a single PC.

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As there are pros and cons in everything, let us discuss a few in this guide which will help you if you plan to attach a couple of keyboards, mice or consoles for multiplayer games in 2022.

Pros of having dual keyboards:

You would’ve been looking to attach two keyboards for gaming, but there are other essential benefits of it as well, let us discuss them one by one.

Productivity is increased:

The functionality will increase as well as the productivity of your work because you will have twice as many keys to use. This would help you perform tasks that are impossible with a single Keyboard, or another person could assist you in your work using the other Keyboard without disturbing you much.

You have the right Keyboard for the right task:

You could be doing work which is quite complicated, and you have a position for all your computer components set in a specific position. The other Keyboard could help you perform other functions and place your Keyboard in another place without disturbing your primary Keyboard.

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Example: If you are a working person, you can use a primary Keyboard for programming and another for replying to emails and chats. And if you are a gamer, then one Keyboard could be used for gaming and the other one to reply to chats during the play of your favourite game, so it’s pretty helpful.

Multiplayer games on one Gaming PC using two keyboards:


The most important feature of having a couple of keyboards on a single PC is that it helps you easily play multiplayer games with your friend. Playing multiplayer games was never easy before; you must have experienced that fun using Xbox and PS4, but getting the same experience on a gaming PC would be good fun as well once you connect two keyboards or consoles as per your choice. You have to screen share from game options that would make your gaming experience even better in multiplayer.

Some Cons of using two keyboards:

You wouldn’t unnecessarily add two keyboards to your PC; there must be a reason to do so. It could be any of the reasons I mentioned in this guide earlier, and for that, no alternative is there. Let us discuss a few things you should consider while deciding to go for dual-keyboards or consoles for your gaming PC.

Having two keyboards would cost you money, consume more power on your PC, and utilise space on your desk. However, it is convenient to use two keyboards to increase productivity, just like if you are in a hectic situation and use the wrong Keyboard for the wrong task. It would be frustrating in that particular situation as something would be messed up.

But humans are blessed with a quality called muscle memory. Once you get used to the two keyboards over time, you won’t feel such a problem, but at the start, there may be some problems. These are the only cons of having dual keyboards or consoles that you should consider. Otherwise, there are plenty of advantages.

You can use mouse mux to add a dual mouse on your gaming PC and keyboard splitter for two computers if you are planning for a multiplayer adventure playing your favourite game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make windows recognize two keyboards separately?

You can either use Bluetooth or a USB port to connect your keyboards to your gaming. Your computer will take a couple of minutes to install the necessary drivers automatically then your PC will be able to recognize two keyboards separately.

How to use a second Keyboard as a controller

There are various input methods that you can use as per your preferences. One of the advantages of desktop games is that you can use all three Keyboard controllers or a mouse as a controller or two of them. You can also use a second Keyboard in place of either the mouse or controller console.

How to play multiplayer with two keyboards.

Just like the gaming consoles, you can play co-op games using the same computer with one game. A universal split screen can be used, enabling multiplayer settings and playing with both keyboards in multiplier on a single computer.

How to use two keyboards on one computer to play FIFA?

A software named keyboard splitter can be used to add two keyboards on one computer to play FIFA with multiple players. This software works as a converter which emulates the Keyboard as the controller of Xbox 360.

Can you have two cursors on a computer?

In windows, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use multiple cursors simultaneously. However, you can use software to trick your windows and fulfil your purpose. The name of that software is plural input, a paid program that will help you use two cursors on a computer. Because it is expensive, do your research before buying it?

Can two people use a mouse and Keyboard with remote play?

You can share the Keyboard and mouse while playing your favourite game in 2022. You can stream audio and videos between the players by using the controllers that you have. With voice chat, your games will have options available in one place.


I hope this guide helped you understand: How to use two keyboards on one computer for games. You may ask if you still have any queries regarding multiplayer games or attaching several consoles to your gaming PC.

Thanks for reading!