What Happens When RAM Fails?

RAM is the component of your PC that gives it a boost in terms of speed and performance. And it plays a vital role in the version of your game if you are a gamer. In this guide, I will discuss rig and what happens when RAM fails? Read till the end to understand everything about the rig and the causes of ram failure.

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What happens when RAM fails?

You may notice that the files that you used to open regularly are corrupted out of nowhere. You may see some lag issues while playing your game, and your system may not boot up at all, which is the worst case. Without the RAM, your system won’t be able to operate, and you will have to replace it immediately if any of these mentioned issues show up on your PC. Let more details about the causes and solutions in the detailed section of this guide.

What happens when RAM fails? Detailed guide:

Before discussing why the RAM fails to operate, let’s learn what RAM is first. It stores the data as temporary or permanent storage. The CPU cache is held in a minimal amount in the CPU but mainly in the RAM. And storage of the processor gets removed once you close the PC, but in RAM, it remains even when you open the PC again.

People have significantly fewer memory problems as they are immovable and remain in one place. Compared to the other PC components, which are in constant movement or use that causes their failure. But the RAM failure often goes unnoticed as it hardly happens with anyone, and the one whose RAM goes bad is 1 in a thousand.

The manufacturers of RAM provide a lot of warranty to ensure that if there are any problems, the user can claim it. It lasts longer than the other PC components if you use it with care and only use as much it can resist.

If your favourite game requires 8 GB of RAM and you have 4 GB RAM on your PC, then it would slow down your PC, and you won’t be able to get the full performance out of your system for the game. Hence it is essential to upgrade your memory size as per your usage. It is recommended that you have more than 8 GB RAM in 2022 to play the newly released game and for future games.

If you already have 4 GB RAM and are planning to move to 8 GB, this would give you a much better experience as you will feel a difference in speed and the pleasure your PC gives when you operate it. So upgrading the rig to a better capacity will provide you with a pleasurable experience using your computer.

Signs of lousy RAM:

If you are playing a game or performing a task on your PC and it suddenly starts to slow down daily, then it must be a problem with your RAM. The reason for that could be the RAM’s age and the intense usage over the period. 

If your computer screen turns blue with white text errors, then a problem with your RAM must be fixed. One way is to replace it if the problem is not easily remedied by cleaning out the RAM slots.

When you fail to install a program or a game for an unknown reason, the reason could be a lack of capacity in the current rig or a complete failure in the worst cases.

RAM common problems and solutions

RAM failure symptoms:

Some rig failure symptoms are a blue screen of death, frequently lagging during gameplay, GPU not loading correctly, sudden reboots, and corrupt files.


Your rig is faulty when you feel that you are facing these symptoms with your RAM. You can temporarily fix it using DIYs, but to be honest, there are so many operations in the PC that rely on your RAM. So you better upgrade it to the latest version to avoid the problem.

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But one more thing, there may not be a problem with RAM but with the motherboard. The slots in which we place our rigs in the motherboard could not function correctly; in this case, you have to change the motherboard and find a new one compatible with the RAM and other PC components.

Five errors that point to RAM problems:

The five significant errors that point to rig problem are Decline in performance, sudden lags, GPU failing to load, corrupted data files, and incorrect memory display.

Frequently Asked Question

How to fix insufficient RAM?

You could temporarily fix them with this effort as you eventually have to replace them because they are one of the most critical components of your gaming PC. If they have even the slightest fault, you should consider changing it as it could also damage the other components.

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, wrap your RAM with foil and place it in the oven to bake it a little. After some time, take it out, let the rig cool down a bit, and then unwrap and insert it back into the computer to see if it works. Keep in mind that this method is temporary only.

What happens if soldered RAM fails?

There’s a scarce chance of your soldered RAM failing because they are made to be durable for an extended period. There are more chances that the components associated with it may be damaged before the rig: Battery, SSD, flex cable, or LED backlight.

What to do when RAM fails?

When suddenly your RAM fails to operate, turn off your PC and remove the RAM sticks from the system. Clean them a little, insert them back in, and restart your system to see if they work. If they don’t, you better replace them as it is an integral part of your computer to operate.

Can faulty RAM cause no display?

If your RAM is entirely out of function, then your PC won’t even start; there will be no display available. It is an essential factor even to begin your PC, so a faulty RAM must be replaced to get your PC to start working again.

Final words:

I hope this guide has helped you understand RAM and its importance. And also, what happens when RAM fails? And how you can resolve that issue. You may let us know if you have any more questions related to rigs or any other computer component essential for gaming.

Thanks for reading!