What is GDDR Memory – GDDR3 vs GDDR4 – GDDR5 vs GDDR6

Computer components have unique names and abbreviations, which can be quite confusing for people who are just starting to learn and remember those names. Similarly, when we are in the memory section, we ask: what is GDDR memory?

In this article, we have answered your query in short as well as in detail, so read till the very end to understand more about GDDR and related terms for increasing knowledge of your gaming PC components.

What is GDDR Memory? Short Answer:

Graphic double data rate (GDDR) is a DDR memory that increases the performance of your graphic cards. The GDDR memory was introduced in 2000-2001, which is the primary graphic RAM we use today in 2022. GDDR has taken place for WRAM and VRAM, so discussions regarding GDDR vs DDR and GDDR vs VRAM is also shared in this guide in the details section.

Detailed guide: What Is GDDR Memory?

Selecting the right graphic card for your gaming computer could be very difficult and require a lot of research if you are a beginner and have no understanding of graphic cards or GPUs. Some of the computer components are necessary, and some are not; video memory is one of the most important components for your gaming PC.

In the modern world, you will have plenty of options to choose from graphic cards with GDDR memory. You will get your answers from this guide on what process it requires to buy one for yourself with complete research.

In 2022, we already have a GDDR memory in most of our gaming PCs. The full form of GDDR SDRAM is graphics double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Compared to the normal DDR RAM, GDDR helps you with faster and more responsive graphics performance during your gameplay.

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Over time, plenty of GDDR memory types have been introduced in the market by various manufacturers. There’s GDDR1, GDDR2, GDDR3, GDDR4, GDDR5, GDDR6, GDDR7, and so on. Each has a higher speed and capacities as their number advances giving you a better graphics performance with an improved version.

Which GDDR should you choose to buy for gaming in 2022?

In 2022, you will have plenty of options to buy from different manufacturers. Nowadays, GDDR6 is on sale in the market, but NVidia has an RTX3080 and 3090 RTX model, which are GDDR6X. These X models offer higher bandwidth and are more power-efficient but expensive than the usual GDDR6 memories.

Previously GDDR5 was very famous and fast, which was liked by many games. But as the years are progressing and new technology is taking over, advancements are required in terms of power efficiency and other functions like improving the speeds and durability. If you have a really low budget, then you may not even get a GDDR5 as it is a little expensive but worth it if you have money.

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Look for the VRAM while choosing the GDDR memory for your gaming computer in 2022. These days the minimum would be 4 GB as required, but modern games for 1080p quality and 8 GB for 1440p, which is recommended and ideal compared to 4GB RAM. Though there will be various factors you should be considering while buying a GDDR memory in 2022, one of them would be budget, which is an important decision-making point.

Choose the GDDR with higher bandwidth and the latest version. The reason is that it is not the thing you change every month. It is a long-term investment worth it if you are a consistent gamer. It would add value to your game. Not only that, but it will give you a better experience in the game, which could win you games that you keep losing because of small margins.

Several users have asked us about the difference between the two which are mentioned below, and here’s your answer:


A GDDR5 would be double as much as a GDDR3 memory, speed, and performance-wise. But it wouldn’t run on a RAM of less than 6-8 GB; you have to invest good money on your RAM if you plan to upgrade to GDDR5 from GDDR3. There’s a huge difference in their performance as the 5th one is the advanced version.


GDDR6 is double that of GDDR5; there were plenty of advancements made in this type over time. GDDR6 transfers data at nearly 8GB per second, whereas GDDR5 at 16GB per second, so there’s a huge transition between these two types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DDR and GDDR?

The main difference between the two is that DDR is used with CPU, GDDR is used with a graphic card to improve graphics performance, and DDR to improve central unit performance to provide a greater gaming experience and faster response.

Is GDDR RAM good?

It is a great RAM as it provides something extra to our gaming PC for better graphics and higher bandwidth improvements.

What is GDDR in the computer?

It is a double data memory for improving graphics performance to give you a greater gaming experience. It was introduced in the year 2000 and is a replacement for WRAM and VRAM.

Is GDDR the same as VRAM?

There is a lot of difference between VRAM and GDDR memory. The DDR memory has low latency, and GDDR has higher bandwidth. But VRAM has wider memory and capacity, but they prioritise different metrics.

What is GDDR5?

GDDR 5 is graphics double data rate 5, which is dynamic memory with a high bandwidth design interface that could be used in gaming consoles and graphic cards to increase your computer’s performance while gaming. If you have heard of SDRAM, GDDR is a type of it.

Final words:

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